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About MedSchoolCoach

Medical School Admissions Consultants
ince 2007, MedSchoolCoach LLC has provided medical school application consulting services to hundreds of premedical students. We started this company after successfully going through the process ourselves. Dozens of people instantly wanted advice on how to do the same. We found that the advice people were getting from other sources was outdated or incorrect, and often lead them down the wrong path. We saw firsthand the many different places one can falter in the medical school application process. That is why we thought it would be helpful to offer structured services. In combining our experience as premeds, applicants, medical students, admission committee members and now physicians, we were able to give better, more sound advice than almost any other advisor you can find. Together, our advisors have the experience and credentials to help you get into a great medical school.
When you sign up to work with MedSchoolCoach, you will work with a team of exceptionally qualified advisors each of whom is dedicated to your success
    • Advisors who are physicians.
    • Advisors who have experience on admission committees.
    • Advisors who have graduated from the top medical schools in the country.
    • Advisors who have recently been through the process so they understand what it takes to get into medical school today.
    • Advisors who actually invest themselves in your application. Your success is our success.

Meet a Few of Our Advisors

Benjamin Rafii
Benjamin Rafii MD

M.D. – Stanford University
Residency – NYU


Michael Frazier MD

B.S. – Brigham Young University
M.D. – University of California Los Angeles


Brian Wu MD PhD
Brian Wu

B.S. – University of Maryland
M.D./PhD – University of Southern California


Monica Enamandram Harvard
Monica Enamandram MD

B.S. – Yale University
M.D. – Harvard University


Why MedSchoolCoach

Experience, Care, Value
  • Experience - MedSchoolCoach advisors are physicians at top medical centers in the country and graduates of the top medical schools in the country including Harvard University, Columbia University, Stanford University, University of Chicago and many more.
  • Care - Repeatedly we hear from our former clients that our strongest asset is the care and dedication our advisors put into each students application. Our advisors truly care about your application and want to see you succeed. We will not give up until we help you achieve your dreams.
  • Value - There is no doubt about it, a medical education is expensive. So is hiring a professional advisor. We understand that saving money is a priority so we provide exceptional services with extremely qualified advisors at a relative value.
  • MedSchoolCoach Advisors

    Our advisors have exceptional credentials that speak for themselves!

    Who We Are

    As you can see, our senior advisors are MD’s with experience on admissions committees. We do not employ PhDs, JDs, MBAs or anyone else who is not immensely familiar with the application process. This provides us with a unique perspective of having gone through the process just a few years earlier as applicants, while serving on admissions committees or as interviewers to understand what the process of medical school admissions entails. We know exactly what schools are looking for in applicants and the hurdles you will face while applying. We believe that physicians should help future physicians get into medical school. Our advisors come from a variety of educational backgrounds and can help your application portray its strengths based on your own unique experiences. Simple steps can be taken to turn a terrible application into a superb one. We hope to be able to provide you with enough coaching so that you don’t fall into the traps that many other applicants do, and so that your application can shine in the eyes of an admissions committee. Simply put, we will help you get into medical school no matter your situation.

    How We Compare

    We understand hiring an advisor is a costly and relatively unknown proposition. Further, there are many admissions consulting companies which can provide you with varying degrees of guidance in your medical school application process. You should take a few simple steps in assessing who you are going to work with. Firstly, you may find many companies online that have a physician's name attached to them whose credentials are great, however to work with that physician you will pay upwards of $500/hr. To work with people they employ, you will get a more reasonable cost, but you will also be getting an editor who is not a physician and who does not have medical or admissions committee knowledge. You may also find sites that are run by PhDs or MBAs. The medical school admissions process is unique - you need someone who understands it to help you through it. Secondly, you want to work with someone you can trust and who will not just be your advisor, but your mentor. We pride ourselves on always being available for our clients, day or night. We take the time to get to know them as an applicant and a person. There is no better testament to this than when we are invited to their celebration dinners when they get their acceptances to medical school (it's happened, on more than one occasion!) Finally, work with someone who knows the process inside and out. They should understand who you are and who you want to be. Remember, our advisors are MD’s with experience on admissions committees. This provides us with a unique perspective of having gone through the process just a few years earlier. We know exactly what schools are looking for, and the hurdles you will face while applying. We were in your shoes not long ago! We look forward to calling all our clients colleagues in the near future.

    Who We Are Not

    We are not a generic application editing service that has no experience in medical school admissions. We have been through the process ourselves and only have MDs working to make your application better. We provide individualized service to all our clients. We genuinely want to try to make your application better. Our advisors also DO NOT actively serve on the admissions committees of any medical schools. We believe this practice would be completely unethical. Any active involvement in the application process by our advisors is prohibited.

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