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Medical School Letters of Recommendation – What you need to know

The most important thing to know about medical school letters of recommendations is to ask for them early. A lot of focus gets placed on who you should ask for letters, and rightfully so, but if your letters are not in on time it does not matter who wrote them. Your letters can...

MedSchoolCoach Advisor Dr Sahil Mehta gives Medical School Admissions Advice on the Radio

Recently, Dr Sahil Mehta was a guest of Next Step Test Prep’s Blog Talk Radio Podcast. Here his entire interview below and read the transcript to gain insight into the medical school admissions process! New Education Podcasts with Next Step Test Preparation on BlogTalkRadio...

Medical School in 3 years? It’s coming!

NYU has said they will start offering a small percentage of students the chance to finish early, in three years instead of the traditional four. According to a NY Times “Not only, they say, will those doctors be able to hang out their shingles to practice earlier, but they...

Getting started on your AMCAS & Medical School Personal Statement

Getting started on your medical school personal statement is often the hardest part of the entire process! Finding the right topic for your personal statement is half the battle. Many students come to us with this exact question: How Do I Get Started With My Medical School...

MedSchoolCoach talks about the medical school personal statement at Rutgers AMSA conference

On Saturday Feb 19th, Sahil Mehta MD and Raj Sarkar MSIV where invited by AMSA to speak at the Rutgers 3rd Annual Pre-Health Conference. Dr Mehta and Mr Sarkar, from MedSchoolCoach, talked at length to a group of 80 students about the medical school personal statement....

Free Kaplan MCAT Study Books

Check out for free MCAT study books until 1/17/2011. For a full list check out The following medicine books are available: ISBN 13 Free Kaplan ebook titles: Author 9781607143994 Cleveland Clinic...

Volunteering…when to do it, where to do it

Volunteering is a great thing to do not matter what you want out of life. If it is admission to medical school you want, it will certainly be beneficial. A few things to keep in mind though. Almost everyone who applies to medical school has “volunteered” at some...

Q: What should I major in? A: Major in what you enjoy!

We are often asked “what is the best pre-med major?” The answer is simple: whichever you enjoy the most. Medical school’s are made up of a incredible amount of diverse students from all different majors. While many have majored in something related to the sciences, a great number...

Welcome to the Admissions Tips Blog

We have gained a lot of insight into what the best way to get into medical school is over the years and we want to share it with you! Check back often for updates and new tips that we think will make your application great.