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Direct Medical Interview Preparation

Be prepared for your BS/MD interview

Our Approach to Direct Medical Interview Preparation

Former Interviewers

You will interview with one of our advisors who has interviewed and evaluated students for various medical school admissions committees. They know which questions you will be asked because they used to ask them!
Medical School Interview Preparation Feedback

Honest Feedback

We want you to succeed on your real interview and as such we will give you honest feedback directed at making you a better candidate overall. Our advice has helped hundreds of medical students thus far.
Medical School Interview Online

Virtual or In-person

We conduct all our mock interviews via webcam or in-person (available in some cities only). This allows us to evaluate not just your answers, but your body language, eye contact and general demeanor.

Track Record of Success

Our direct medical students who have signed up for interview preparation have been very successful in the admissions process. All of them have found the process extremely helpful in easing their fears and preparing them well for the actual interview.


How Interview Preparation Works

1) Book a time online

You can sign up and book a time right online. If you would like in-person prep, please contact us before hand.

2) Upload your app

Send us your application so that our advisor can review it before hand, just like during a real interview.

3) Mock interview

Participate in a mock interview via webcam or in-person with one of our advisors.

4) Get feedback

Receive detailed feedback on your entire performance and ways to improve.
A Note to Parents
We understand this is a stressful process for your child, but also for you! We aim to ease their fears and give them the tools to succeed. Many parents like to be involved in the interview preparation process and we welcome that involvement (as long as it's okay with the student). We have found it's best for the parent not to be present for the mock interview portion, but to sit in on the feedback session. This eases tension and allows the student to perform optimally while still keeping you involved in the process!
Interview Prep - 3 hours
  • Application pre-review
  • Former medical school interviewers
  • Video, phone or in-person
  • Detailed feedback
  • MMI prep (if applicable)
  • Multiple interviewer styles
Interview Prep - 2 hours
  • Application pre-review
  • Former medical school interviewers
  • Video, phone or in-person
  • Detailed feedback
  • MMI prep (if applicable)
  • Multiple interviewer styles
Interview Prep - 1 hour
  • Application pre-review
  • Former medical school interviewers
  • Video, phone or in-person
  • Detailed feedback
  • MMI prep

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We offer in-person interview preparation in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and New York. If you are interested in in-person interview preparation in one of these cities, please contact us.


Mock interviews from former admission interviewers.


he direct medical school interview is one of the final aspects of the application process. From this point on,the interview will determine if you are accepted or rejected. Unfortunately, most direct medical school applicants tend to hang their hats on their SAT scores and GPA. In today’s competitive environment, direct medical schools do not just want good test-takers, they want people who are movers and shakers. MedSchoolCoach’s advisors will coach you in the art of interviewing for a direct BS/MD program so that you feel comfortable talking to interviewers (often doctors) who may be intimidating. You will know what questions to expect and how to answer them in a truthful way that lets your personality come through.

Our medical school interview preparation is perfect for the aspiring doctor because it provides not just generic sample questions, but a completely tailored mock interview based on your application and the program you are applying to. The interview questions you will be asked here are the ones you will be asked on your actual interview day.

We are able to offer this package in person (in select locations), over webcam and via phone.

Our Package Includes
  • Pre-review: A review of your entire common application and supplemental direct medical school application before your mock interview
  • Insider Knowledge: Insight on how direct medical programs interviews are graded by admissions committees
  • Varying Styles: You have the ability to choose different advisors, each with different interview styles and techniques
  • Feedback: Formal feedback on your performance and ways to improve it
  • Video, Phone or In-person: At no additional charge, we will conduct the interview via webcam or in-person (in selected locations)

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