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Medical School Complete Application Consulting Packages

Our Approach to Complete Packages

AMCAS Application Editing

Application Preparation

We want to make sure your application to medical school is as good as it can be. We will provide a thorough review of where you stand and how to fill in any gaps you may have. We will discuss letters of recommendation, application timing, school selection and more in this initial stage.
Medical School Secondary Editing

Essay Editing

Writing a great personal statement, AMCAS most meaningful activities section and each school's secondary essay are all essential in your success as an applicant. We will help you find your voice and put together a compelling application, one that will stand out from the thousands of others.
Medical School Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Your medical school interview is the final hurdle to admission, but the most important one. Our advisors will prepare you thoroughly to succeed by conducting mock interviews that simulate the real ones you will be invited to.

Benefits of a Complete Package

Admissions Consulting Medical School

Personal Attention

Your advisor will get to know you inside and out. This helps in putting together the most cohesive application possible, one that accentuates your strengths and leaves you the best shot at an admission.
Medical School Consultants

Physicians Helping Future Physicians

As a package customer, everything you do will be overseen by a senior advisor. These advisors are physicians, many of whom have sat on admissions committees and all of whom have evaluated applicants.
Medical School Interview Preparation Feedback

Help Whenever You Need It

Whatever you have a question about, your advisor can help you with it. Whether it is who to ask for a letter of recommendation or how to write a thank you email, we have you covered.
Medical School MCAT Prep

Great Results

Last, but not least, our packages get results. Over the last 5 years, we have had hundreds of students accepted to medical school who have worked with us.

Testimonials from Former Package Customers


Please note, you can upgrade your package to a higher one at any time for only the price difference
  • Package Plans

  • No guidance counselors or career center employees here. Your advisor will be an actual physician with admissions committee experience.Personalized Attention with a Senior Advisor
  • When to apply, where to apply, how to apply, LOR, gap year, letters of intent - it is all covered under our general advisingGeneral Advising Hours
  • All edits are in-depth edits for content, not just grammar.Personal Statement Edits
  • Edits of your AMCAS or AACOMAS application including all the activities and most meaningful activities sections.AMCAS/AACOMAS Activities Edits
  • We will help you come up with a school list based on your unique applicationCustomized School List
  • Mock interview sessions followed by detailed feedback from actual medical school interviewsMock Interview Hours
  • Unlimited edits of a particular school's secondary applicationSecondary Applications
  • If you meet our qualifying criteria and do not gain admissions into a school, we will work with you again through your primary application next yearGuaranteed Acceptance
  • We want to help you! Email us as much as you need to during the year.Unlimited Email Exchanges
  • Approximate Number of Advising Hours
  • starter

  • $1250

  • yes
  • 30 mins
  • 3 edits
  • 3 edits
  • yes
  • 1 hour
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • 8 hours
  • bronze

  • $2000

  • yes
  • 1 hour
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • yes
  • 3 hours
  • no
  • no
  • yes
  • 15 hours
  • silver

  • $3750

  • yes
  • 2 hours
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • yes
  • 3 hours
  • 5 Schools
  • no
  • yes
  • 25 hours
  • gold

  • $7000

  • yes
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • yes
  • Unlimited
  • 20 Schools
  • yes
  • yes
  • over 50 hours

Cash strapped?

We understand the process is expensive, so we have payment plans available.


  • What is the guarantee of admissions for the Gold Package?

    If you are a qualified candidate (3.5+ GPA and 28+ MCAT for MD schools, 3.1+ GPA and 25+ GPA for DO schools), we want to assure you we will work as hard as possible to get you into a medical school. With that in mind, we will help you through your application, but also through a strategy for reapplication should it come to that. Through our guarantee, if you sign up for the Gold Package and do not get accepted into a medical school, we will work with you again through the following year's primary application (personal statement, advising and activities sections).
  • Who will work with me on my application?

    Our advisors are physicians who have experience on admission committees as well as senior level medical students who also have medical admissions committee experience. You can find out our full list of advisors here.

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  • What if I do not like my advisor?

    We understand that not everyone works well together. Part of our appeal is that we have multiple advisors who can help you at anytime. If you ever feel like you are not "clicking" with your advisor, simply let us know and we'll assign you a new one!
  • What is your success rate?

    We get this question all the time! We work with a variety of students in many different parts of their application. Because the main factors in your application remain your GPA and MCAT, two things out of our control, we do not keep statistics on every student we work with. However, we do keep statistics on those who sign up for the Gold Package and you can find those on our Gold Package Page. You can also see the extensive list of acceptances from our previous clients at the acceptance page.

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  • Will your advisors write my essays for me?

    Absolutely not. We will help you come up with ideas, edit for content and grammar while making sure what you put down on paper makes you stand out, but we will never write your essay for you. If there are companies out there that offer to do that, we suggest you be very careful in hiring them. After all, one of medicine's foremost tenants is to be ethical!
  • What is the typical turnaround time on edits?

    Typically, we will have an edit back to you within 48-72 hours during business days. Often, we can get them back to you within 24 hours. On rare occasions, additional time may be needed for more comments.
  • Will I have just one advisor?

    You will be assigned to one main senior advisor who will be your contact point through the entire application. He/she will provide you with all general advising and work with you through the majority of the application. However, one of our strengths is that we have a wide array of great advisors who have expertise in different admissions fields. As such, you may at any time work with another advisor on parts of your application (essay editing, interview preparation, etc).
  • Can I talk to some references or students who have used you in the past?

    Absolutely. We have a long list of prior clients who would love to share their success stories with you. Simply contact us and we will get you their names.
  • Do you help with the application to Caribbean medical schools as well?

    Yes, any of our packages can include help through your Caribbean medical school application and interview.
  • How do I talk with my advisors?

    We provide our services in-person in locations where we have advisors. However, about 95% of our advising is done remotely. We utilize email, webcams and phone conversations to get the job done. The best way to reach your advisors is usually through email. If you need to talk to them, you can schedule a meeting at anytime.
  • Where do you offer your services?

    Everywhere! Our services are primarily offered through phone, email and webcam, although in select cities where we have advisors we can often meet in person.

Our Advisors