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If you have been wait-listed at a medical school, the letter of intent can make a huge difference. It is your way of conveying to the school that your dream is to be a part of their incoming class. Many medical schools take up to 50% of their class off of waitlists, so do not be too discouraged by not getting in quite yet. A great letter of intent, one that personally speaks to the admissions committee members, can make the difference and get you into medical school! We can help you write a letter of intent that conveys why the school you are aiming for is right for you and why you are right for the school (an equally important message to convey in letters of intent!)

Our Letter of Intent Editing Service is designed to try to maximize your chances of getting off of the waitlist. While there is no perfect formula to the letter of intent, there are certainly things you want to avoid and others you want to emphasize. We will try to work with you to put together the best possible letter.

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Accepted to my #1 choice! and I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you so much for helping me throughout this long process (almost one year)! You truly made me the best applicant I could be from writing update letters to get off the waitlist last year, to writing a new personal statement and editing my entire application, to finding more volunteering opportunities, to getting a research job, secondary essays, and interview prep! Words can not express how thankful I am to have had you as my MedSchoolCoach. I really could not have done it without you. Thanks for being so patient with me and always ready to give me a pep talk and making me believe that this was all possible. I wanted to tell you all this over the phone, but I would have gotten too emotional and started crying because of how amazing you are and how you played such an integral role in helping me achieve my dream. So instead I am crying tears of appreciation and joy while I write this email 🙂

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2017