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We get the question “what is your success rate?” almost everyday. Clients, rightfully so, want to know if they will improve their chances of getting in by using MedSchoolCoach. MedSchoolCoach ReviewsOur overall success rate is excellent for all our clients, but this is especially true for our package clients who we can work with through the entire application! For more information about our Gold Package click here.

Unfortunately, there are many variables in the admissions game. We help many applicants through various areas of the application process. The MCAT and GPA are likely the two most important factors in your application to medical school. While this is out of our control and only in your hands, we can certainly help you make the rest of your application stand out. If your MCAT score and GPA are borderline, we can help you break into a medical school class. If they are good, we can help you get into one of the top schools in the country.

MedSchoolCoach HelpfulWe try as best we can to keep track of everyone who works with us. To that end, every year we send out a survey to our previous clients to see what we can do better. Perhaps the best indicator of how we are doing are the questions would you recommend MedSchoolCoach to a friend and how helpful did you find MedSchoolCoach (based on 2013 survey data). We also find out if our students are accepted anywhere (based on 2015 survey data). The results are to the right.


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I initially bought the Bronze and was so impressed I upgraded to the Gold in 2 weeks. Everything they did and everyone I contacted at MedSchoolCoach could not have been more helpful. I would send an email and get an instant thorough response to all my questions. The interview preparation was especially helpful.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2014