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Our Success Rates

High praise from those who count the most

What are your success rates?

We get the question "what are your success rates?" almost everyday. Clients, rightfully so, want to know if they will improve their chances of getting in by using MedSchoolCoach. MedSchoolCoach Reviews Our overall success rate is excellent for all our clients, but this is especially true for our package clients who we can work with through the entire application! For more information about our Gold Package click here.

Unfortunately, there are many variables in the admissions game. We help many applicants through various areas of the application process. The MCAT and GPA are likely the two most important factors in your application to medical school. While this is out of our control and only in your hands, we can certainly help you make the rest of your application stand out. If your MCAT score and GPA are borderline, we can help you break into a medical school class. If they are good, we can help you get into one of the top schools in the country.

MedSchoolCoach HelpfulWe try as best we can to keep track of everyone who works with us. To that end, every year we send out a survey to our previous clients to see what we can do better. Perhaps the best indicator of how we are doing are the questions would you recommend MedSchoolCoach to a friend and how helpful did you find MedSchoolCoach (based on 2013 survey data). We also find out if our students are accepted anywhere (based on 2015 survey data). Here are the results:

MedSchoolCoach Success Rate MedSchoolCoach Recommendation Success Rate MedSchoolCoach Recommendation Success Rate MedSchoolCoach Recommendation Rate

Our results speak for themselves

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Why do students enjoy working with MedSchoolCoach?


Our advisors are physicians and they know medicine. They also know the admissions process, from the inside as admissions committee members and the outside as applicants. MedSchoolCoach advisors have helped over 850 students to date get into medical school with their unique blend of experience and care.

Mentors and Friends

We are most proud of the fact that by the end of the process, most of our students consider our advisors mentors and friends. Our advisors get to know the students so well throughout the process that they always send us one of the first thank you emails when they get an acceptance. As young physicians, our advisors are close to the applicants in a variety of ways and the applicants often keep long term mentorship relationships long after they go to medical school.

Personalized Attention

Your advisor is dedicated to trying to make your application the best it can be. They are always available by phone or email for any questions you may have. Unlike your college premed office, your advisor is working with only a small group of students every year, so you are his or her priority.

Where do MedSchoolCoach students go?

All over the country! Explore the list and see for yourself.

Meet a Few of Our Advisors

Benjamin Rafii
Benjamin Rafii MD

M.D. – Stanford University
Residency – NYU


Michael Frazier MD

B.S. – Brigham Young University
M.D. – University of California Los Angeles


Brian Wu MD PhD
Brian Wu

B.S. – University of Maryland
M.D./PhD – University of Southern California


Monica Enamandram Harvard
Monica Enamandram MD

B.S. – Yale University
M.D. – Harvard University


Kachiu Lee MD
Kachiu Lee, MD

B.S. – Northwestern University
M.D. – Northwestern University
Residency – Brown University


Sam Fuller, MD

B.S. – University of Notre Dame
M.D. – University of Chicago
Residency – University of Chicago


Amy Yin MD
Amy Yin, MD

B.S. – Brown University
M.D. – Northwestern University
Residency – Harvard Medical School


Davietta Butty MD

B.S. – University of Michigan
M.D. – Northwestern University