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10 Great Pre-Med Schools


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What makes a great pre-med program?

Great pre-medical schools can be found around the country. What makes one great compared to another is often the quality of the education, their resources for premeds (think research and clinical opportunities) and also the ability for a student to perform well while maintaining a high GPA. Many schools publish their “pre-med acceptance rates”, however you should take this number with a grain of salt as it doesn’t often tell the whole story.Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

School Students applying Students accepted Acceptance Rate Enrollment Avg ACT Score Avg SAT Score Application deadline Published acceptance Rate for Undergraduates/Alumni Applying to Medical School
Harvard University 39,000 2,110 5% 1,663 33 1476 Jan 1st 93%
Columbia University 36,292 2,279 6% 1,420 33 1510 Jan 1st 91%
Yale University 31,445 1,988 6% 1,371 33 1484 Jan 1st 86%
Duke University 31,671 3,430 11% 1,723 33 1475 Jan 3rd 85%
Boston University 57,441 16,907 29% 3,552 30 1316 Jan. 2 80%
University of Pennsylvania 38,918 3,674 9% 2,491 33 1463 Jan 5th 78%
Cornell University 44,965 6,337 14% 3,315 32 1424 Jan 1st 76%
Johns Hopkins University 27,094 3,234 12% 1,311 33 1475 Jan 1st 70%
University of California–Berkeley 82,581 13,507 16% 6,253 33 1449 Nov 30th Not published
Georgetown University 19,997 3,369 17% 1,574 32 1406 Jan 10th Not published

UNC Chapel Hill 34,889 9,400 27% 4,228 29 1288 Jan. 15 Not published
Stanford University 43,997 2,118 5% 1,739 33 1455 Jan 3rd Not published
University of Washington 43,517 19,733 45% 6,415 28 1241 Nov. 15 Not published


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Should you look at published acceptance rates?

There are several reasons that you shouldn’t consider just the published acceptance rate in your decision to apply or enroll at a particular school. Many schools don’t tell the whole truth with these numbers. There maybe students who they do not support through the medical school admissions process because of their grades or MCAT and so the school won’t count these students in their numbers. Bottom line, you want to make sure to know the whole story (which is often difficult to get). That said, the list above has absolutely fabulous pre-med programs that can set you up for great success!


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