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AMCAS Activities Changes

We hope you are well on your way to filling in your AMCAS for 2012. One change this year you may have noticed is within the AMCAS activities section. The following are the instructions for this year:
[jbox title=”AMCAS Most Meaningful Activity Section”]

    1. Choose up to 15 experiences where you can write 700 characters each

    2. Choose up to three “most meaningful experiences” where you can write up to an additional 1325 characters. These characters are in addition to the 700 already alloted.

[/jbox] If you need help reediting your AMCAS activities to fit into these, please let us know. You can pick any experience that you feel is most important to you. These changes really help admissions committees sort through the numerous activities that many students put into their application. Now, adcoms will be able to pick out the three most meaningful ones to ask you about on your interviews, so be sure that these activities you pick are really relevant and meaningful to you.

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From ACMAS, for the major experiences: You may identify up to three (3) experiences that you consider to be the most meaningful. If you have two or more entries, you will be required to identify at least one (1) as the most meaningful. When you designate an activity as being Most Meaningful, you will be given an additional 1325 characters to explain why. When writing your response, you might want to consider the transformative nature of the experience, the impact you made while engaging in the activity, and the personal growth you experienced as a result of your participation.You may change which experience(s) you designate Most Meaningful until the initial submission of your application.

Note: If you remove an experience from those that you have designated Most Meaningful, the text you entered in the Experience Summary will be lost.