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AMCAS Application Calender for Medical Schools

May 5th, 2011, the 2012 AMCAS Application for MD Schools opened. The first possible date to submit your application is June 1st, 2011. Submitting your medical school application early is imperative to success in the process. The longer schools have to look at it, the greater the likelihoods of an interview. So if you are interested in MD schools, be sure to submit your application ASAP.

Your personal statement should be closing in on its final form now. For those of you stuck, consider our Personal Statement Packages and download our Free Medical School Personal Statement Guide to help you get started.

Our free PDF guide includes help tips such as:

  • What makes a great medical school personal statement
  • Common mistakes to avoid that will get your application rejected
  • Examples of great introductions
  • What to think about before you start writing
  • Many more tips that will help you write a great essay
Guide to the medical school personal statement

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