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Ask a Medical School Admissions Expert

The following interview was recently conducted by Take a look at

Some excerpts:

VT: What are the biggest mistakes one can make on a Med School application?
Sahil: Submitting late. Submitting late will be detrimental to your chances at most medical schools. While schools have admissions deadlines that sometimes say December, many will have filled a significant portion of their class by then, if not all of it! You need to get your application in as early as possible and that usually means June. The second mistake that people make more often than they should is coming across as cocky in their personal statement or their application.

VT: What do Med School admissions officers look for most in an applicant’s essays/personal statements?
Sahil: They want unique and interesting personal statements. Remember many individual members of an admissions committee are reading hundreds of these a day. If your personal statement is like everybody else’s it’s going to get the same treatment as everybody else. In order to stand out you should have a unique story. Build your personal statement from the experiences you’ve had and spin them in a way that is fun and interesting to read. The first few sentences of your essay really can make or break your personal statement and subsequently your entire application.