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Average Medical School GPA and MCAT Acceptance Rates

One of the questions we get most often is what is “are my scores competitive for a particular school.” The average MCAT and GPA that gets accepted to a particular school is often published by the school. There is also often a range published for the MCAT and GPA that gets into a school. These are great numbers to look at, but one of the keys to understanding these numbers is that the published average MCAT and GPA for a particular medical school is only a rough guide for your possible acceptance.

Students often say the average MCAT for that school was a 33 and I had a 36, why did I not get in? Or my GPA was higher than the medical schools average, why did I not get an interview? It’s important to realize that these are only averages! Take for example a medical school with an average MCAT and GPA of 32 and 3.7. Yes, out of their 150 or so matriculants, their average MCAT and GPA comes to that, but remember that for every applicant that they accept with a 32, they actually reject dozens more. If you would look at the average MCAT and GPA of the candidates rejected at that same school, they would be surprisingly high as well!

The bottom line is that looking at the average GPA and MCAT of a medical school is good to get a sense of what types of applicants that school may accept, but it is by no means a guarantee that your application will be accepted.