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Direct (BS/MD) Medical School Consulting

Getting Into BS/MD Medical Programs

Accelerated Medical Program AdvisingThank you for your interest in the Direct BS/MD Program Consulting from MedSchoolCoach. Direct high school to medical school admissions (often referred to as direct programs, BA/MD, BS/MD, etc) is one of the most competitive application processes in the world. Often, these programs are harder to get into than Ivy League schools and other competitive undergraduate schools. At MedSchoolCoach, we help high school students get accepted to these ultra competitive combined degree programs. Whether it is a 7 year, 8 year, BA/MD or BS/MD program, our advisors will help you develop the perfect application. About one quarter of US medical schools offer combined college/M.D. programs for well qualified high school students. Acceptance rates hover under 5% for almost all these programs, so putting forth a great application is essential. High SAT/ACT scores and a great high school GPA are musts, but so is a great personal statement, supplemental essay and tremendous interviews. You will need to show schools a serious commitment to the field of medicine and significant maturity. We help develop your application to show these qualities, among others. We also make sure that your application essays brings forth what you know about medicine and understand the implications of entering the field, both positive and negative. We are physician mentors as well as admission consultants for our student.

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personal attention

We realize every applicant is unique and has their own story to tell. We provide highly personalized help to allow you to craft the best possible application.

great success

Over the last 5 years, we’ve helped a few hundred students through the direct medical (BS/MD)  admissions process with great success.

experienced advisors

Our advisors are actual physicians who have served on admissions committees, including 7 and 8 year direct medical program admissions committees.

Complete Packages

Let us help you put all the pieces together with one of our complete package. For those students who are close to their application, our complete packages offer an all-inclusive approach to the admissions process covering where to apply, personal statement and application editing, interview preparation and more. We will guide you through every part of the process helping you portray your unique strengths.

Game Planning

Our physician advisors can help you come up with a unique and structured game plan for your high school career so that you can get into a direct 7 or 8 year medical program. This will be tailored to your background and strengths. This step-by-step guidance will demystify the complex BS/MD admissions process for you and your parents and offer you proven techniques to elevate your eventual application.

Application Editing

Writing a great personal statement is the first step to a successful application. The very important “Why MD” essay is also crucial to explain your interest in medicine. You must show medical schools that you are a unique applicant with great experiences, while staying humble. Our advisors will help you craft a personal statement and application that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Interview Preparation

Our interview preparation will prepare you for your upcoming direct medical interview. This may be the first time you are interviewing for anything! The interview is often the final hurdle before an admission and it’s incredibly important. Performing well can mean an acceptance, but a poor performance can leave you left out. Our advisors specialize in conducting mock BS/MD interviews that will prepare you.

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