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BS/MD Program consulting servicesThank you for your interest in the Direct BS/MD Program Consulting from MedSchoolCoach. Direct high school to medical school admissions (often referred to as direct programs, BA/MD, BS/MD, etc) is one of the most competitive application processes in the world. Often, these programs are harder to get into than Ivy League schools and other competitive undergraduate school. At MedSchoolCoach, we help high school students get accepted to these ultra competitive combined degree programs. Whether it is a 7 year, 8 year, BA/MD or BS/MD program, our advisors will help you develop the perfect application. About one quarter of US medical schools offer combined college/M.D. programs for well qualified high school students. Acceptance rates hover under 5% for almost all these programs, so putting forth a great application is essential. High SAT/ACT scores and a great high school GPA are musts, but so is a great personal statement, supplemental essay and tremendous interviews. You will need to show schools a serious commitment to the field of medicine and significant maturity. We help develop your application to show these qualities, among others. We also make sure that your application essays brings forth what you know about medicine and understand the implications of entering the field, both positive and negative. We are physician mentors as well as admission consultants for our student.

MedSchoolCoach physician advisors have served on BS/MD 7 and 8 year direct medical program admissions committees. Our uniquely qualified advisors understand the process of direct medical program admissions better than anyone else.

Initial Consult


Our initial consultation with direct medical students includes an in-depth review of your current application state, suggestions for improvements, time-line planning and application preparation.

Supplemental Apps


Every school you apply to will have supplemental applications. Our packages include help with these very important essays that help a school understand who you are and why you are a good fit for them.

School List


We will help you generate a list of schools that you should be applying to with your combination of grades, experiences and SAT scores. We will include both BS/MD programs, as well as traditional programs and a mix of safety, target and reach schools

Essay Editing


Help drafting, writing, and editing your common application personal statement as well as your Why MD essay. Our essay editing is focused on in-depth content analysis, as well as grammar and writing style.

Extracurricular Planning


We will help you develop your extracurricular portfolio, answering any questions in regards to volunteer activities, shadowing and research experiences.

Interview Preparation


Interview preparation and mock interviews for all type of direct BS/MD program interviews is included in our packages. These mock interviews will get you prepared for your all-important medical school interview.

a few of our bs/md advisors

Starter Plan

Starting at $2,0006 total hours of advising time

Our Starter Plan entails 6 total advising hours with a BS/MD specific advisor (a physician who specializes in BS/MD admissions). The 6 total hours can be utilized for any combination of services including:

  • Common Application Personal Statement Editing
    • First edit typically ~60 minutes, subsequent edits 15-45 minutes
  • Activity/Summer/Extracurricular Planning
    • ~60 minutes advising time
  • BS/MD School List Creation
    • ~45 minutes advising time
  • Resume Editing
    • First edit typically ~30 minutes with subsequent edits ~15 minutes
  • Supplemental Application Editing
    • First edit per school ~60 minutes with subsequent edits ~15-45 minutes
  • Interview Preparation
    • Each interview session is ~1 hour (30 minutes mock interview, 30 minutes feedback)

Comprehensive Plan

Starting at $6,000

In conjunction with UniversityCoach, we offer the most comprehensive BS/MD and College Advising service in the entire nation. With the world’s leading experts on BS/MD programs as well as traditional programs, you get UNLIMITED help through every part of the college admissions process with a physician advisor plus a traditional college advising team:

  • Unlimited Personal Statement Editing
  • Unlimited Common Application Editing
  • Unlimited BS/MD Supplemental Application Editing (for a single school)
  • Unlimited Traditional College Supplemental Application Editing (for a single school)
  • Unlimited Interview Preparation with both a physician advisor and traditional college advisor
  • Unlimited Strategy Hours
    • Summer Activity Planning
    • Financial Aid and Scholarship Planning
    • Extracurricular Activity Planning
  • Complete School List Creation
    • BS/MD/Direct Medical Program Lists
    • Traditional College School List
    • Full Learning Style Profile Assessment
  • Optional Extra School Add-Ons:
    • $2,000 for 3 total schools
    • $4,000 for 5 total schools
    • $6,500 for 10 total schools

where have our students been accepted?

direct medical programs

  • Northwestern HPME
  • Rice/Baylor
  • Union/Albany
  • Union/RPI
  • University of Rochester
  • University of Miami
  • Stony Brook
  • Case Western
  • Brown PLME
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Boston University
  • University of Cincinnati
  • VCU
  • Drexel

traditional colleges

  • Harvard
  • Columbia
  • Stanford
  • Yale
  • Northwestern
  • University of Chicago
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Emory
  • Washington University St. Louis
  • UC Berkeley
  • UCLA

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