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From one trusted source to another

Hajighasemi MDYouTube’s Original Pre-Med & Med School Channel, DocOssareh, has been a trust source of premedical information for years. Dr. Mohammad Hajghasemi has been spreading the word on how to succeed as a premed or beyond to a loyal base of listeners. Now, he has teamed with MedSchoolCoach to provide individualized services to premedical students around the country!

Why I chose to partner with MedSchoolCoach

For years, I have been making videos on my life and journey through college and medical school. It’s been amazing in so many ways, but one of the most incredible things has been helping others through the journey. Unfortunately, I get many more emails and requests for help than I could ever possibly handle myself.

Before recommending a product to others, I always want to be assured it lives up to my own lofty expectations. And before joining any team, I want to be sure that they are the right fit for myself and for my followers.

I couldn’t be more excited to have found MedSchoolCoach as that team. For years, MedSchoolCoach has been helping premedical students in their journey to becoming physicians. I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve others as an advisor at MedSchoolCoach and for you to find the services you need here.

MedSchoolCoach ServicesDr. Hajighasemi can be requested as an advisor with any of our services

Complete Packages

By far our most popular service, let us help you put all the pieces together with one of our complete medical school advising package. Our complete packages offer an all-inclusive approach to the admissions process covering everything you need from day one to an acceptance, including general advising, personal statement editing, AMCAS activity editing and interview preparation. We’ve helped thousands of students with great success with our packages.

Essay Editing

Your medical school personal statement may be one of the most important essays you ever write. We can help you navigate the complexities of writing a piece that stands out, but maintains a uniquely humble tone. Our physician advisors have read hundreds of medical school essays and know what it takes to make an impact. Because admissions committees are made up of mostly physicians, we believe that you should have your essay reviewed by one!

Interview Preparation

Our interview preparation will prepare you for your upcoming medical school interview. The interview is often the final hurdle before an admission and it’s incredibly important. Performing well can mean an acceptance, but a poor performance can leave you left out. Our advisors specialize in conducting mock interviews that are as close to the real thing as you will get. We can prepare you for both MMI and traditional interviews with a variety of different interviewers.