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Getting Into Medical School With A Low GPA

Without a doubt, one of the most common questions we get is “can I get into medical school with my low GPA?”

The answer, as you may expect, is complicated and complex. While a low GPA obviously does not help your medical school applciation, it does not preclude you from becoming a doctor either. You can balance out a low GPA to get into medical scohol in any number of ways.

  1. MCAT: You will need to have a very strong showing on the MCAT. For each GPA tenth of a point you drop, you’ll want to raise your MCAT score at least a few points to get into medical school.
  2. Extracurriculars: show medical schools why you go beyond just the numbers. What is it that makes you as an applicant special? Every medical school would rather have 100 special, committed students than a 100 students with a 4.0 GPA who have never left the library.
  3. A Great Personal Statement: your one chance to free style on the application is your medical school personal statement. If you can write a statement that pops in the eyes of admission committees, they can see who you really are as a person and can overlook a bad GPA.
  4. Upward trend: one of the important distinctions between one low GPA vs another is your trend. If your GPA was a 2.0 freshman year, but then slowly increased and by senior year you were getting all A’s, that is great! If you have a trend the other way, that can be detrimental.
  5. Post baccalaureate programs/Academic Enhancer programs: you can balance out your low undergraduate GPA with a great post graduate GPA. If you can do well in a post baccalaureate program, you can really solidify your application in the minds of admissions committees.

Of course, the above it rather obvious, but it’s important to keep in mind. You can get into medical school with a low GPA, you just have to balance it out.

How low can you go? The document release by AAMC shows the average MCAT score on one axis, and the average GPA on the other. You can plot out where you fit into the table. AAMC nicely lists what the acceptance percentages are for each category. This will give you a great rough idea of where you stand. It can be found here: Average MCAT and GPA Medical School

Best of luck with the application process and getting into medical school!

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