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Getting Started with USMLE Tutoring

Please fill out the following intake sheet at the bottom of the page to get started!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey to becoming a physician. We’re very excited to begin working with you to achieve your academic goals. By joining MedSchoolCoach, you’ve entered a group of people who are wholly rooting for your success. We want nothing more than for you to meet and exceed your academic goals. We look forward to seeing you become the best physician you can be. Whatever your test goals are, we will help you through it! Below is the list of steps for you to get started on this journey!

Email us at [email protected] anytime you need help!

  1. Please fill out the detailed information sheet located below
    • Note, we cannot get started until this form has been filled out
  2. How you track your sessions:
    • You’ll shortly receive an email with your username and password to the website to be able to monitor your sessions. If you have any trouble, just email us!
  3. How we schedule sessions:
    • Your tutors will email you their availability using an add-on called Click the time that works for you and the event will be scheduled in both of your calendars.
  4. How we host sessions
    • We use Zoom video conferencing which allows simultaneous video, chat, voice, whiteboard and screenshare functionality! Watch this quick video for details on how to join a meeting:
  5. A few additional notes about our service
    • Session Length: Each session lasts at least 1 hour, but many of our tutors find it beneficial to have longer sessions. You and your tutor can decide on the tutoring session length. Sessions lengths are rounded to the nearest quarter hour (ie if your session lasted 1 hour 42 minutes, it’ll be rounded to 1.75 hours)
    • Session Type: We have multiple types of sessions to help you improve your academic performance (see page 3: Session Description). You can request any type of session you’d like with your tutor
    • Changing of Tutors: If you find that you and your tutor don’t gel during your first session, just let us know! We can always reassign you a new tutor
    • Multiple Tutors: We have multiple tutors who can help you! If you need more sessions or sessions closer together than your current tutor can offer, let us know and we’ll assign you a second tutor. Sometimes we assign you two tutors right away to help improve your score
    • Score-Improvement Guarantee (only applicable for students on the Silver or Gold Tutoring Package). To qualify the following must be completed prior to beginning tutoring:
      • Prior to your first tutoring session, you MUST a screenshot of your most recent NBME with your name, test date, score, and score-legend visible to [email protected]
      • After you finish your tutoring hours, you MUST take an NBME exam within 1 week of your final tutoring session
      • If the score hasn’t improved, submit another screenshot with your name, test date, score, and score-legend visible to [email protected]
      • We’ll get you set up for an additional 10 tutoring hours at no cost
    • Money-Back Guarantee a. We want you to succeed, period. If you are not happy or your tutoring is not going how you’d like after your first two sessions, just let us know. We will make every effort to make sure things go well, or we’ll refund you for unused hours!