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How to get off a medical school waitlist

It’s that time of the year when a lot of people are looking to try to get off medical school waitlists. It can be a frustrating process with little information given to you by the schools. Wait lists though, should not be frustrating. First off, you should be happy you’ve even made it this far! Most people who applied didn’t. If you have no acceptances but have a few waitlists on your table, there is still a really good chance you could get in. If you have an acceptance in hand, but are looking towards a better medical school or one that fits you better, you still have a chance too! Here are two simple tips to get you started:

Update Letters
Write a strong letter of intent that is unique. You don’t want to sound generic in a letter of intent. Almost everyone who is on a waitlist will send some type of update letter so your goal is to stand out when writing it. Refer back to things that happened on your interview day or memorable experiences. Address the letter to someone you met on the committee and formed a connection with. There are many other possibilities as well!

Phone Calls
Make a phone call. Making a phone call to a medical school can go a long way. Pick up the phone instead of your computer and talk to someone in person. Explain to them where you stand, why the school is right for you and why you want to go there. Medical schools admissions committee members may be more receptive than you think (but don’t go overboard, some may not be!)

MedSchoolCoach can help you get off of waitlists by strategically planning your updates to schools, including letters of intent. Contact us for more information!