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Information for Parents

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Information for Parents

As a parent, you’ve invested so much into your child’s education. Now, he or she has decided to take the noble step to becoming a physician. We understand you want to help them and provide them the most possible help you can. That’s why we are here.

The medical admissions process is difficult on students, but also on their parents. This becomes especially true when students don’t have access to great help and guidance counselors at their home institutions. In college, advisors can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of students they advise, which limits their availability. In high school, guidance counselors often just don’t know enough about the process.

This is where MedSchoolCoach comes in. We can help your child develop a great application, help them master the MCAT or USMLE. When it comes to expertise in the medical school education space, no one comes close to the vast experience of MedSchoolCoach’s advisors.

MedSchoolCoach advisors work closely with our students’ parents to assure they stay abreast on their progress

f.a.q. from parents

Yes, we encourage the parents of our students to be involved in the process. We are able to CC parents on emails, as well as have them involved in advising sessions. However, we ask that the students predominantly are the ones that we work with as this develops their maturity and drive.

You can sign up right online. During the checkout, there is an area to make note that you buying this for your child!

Yes, if you’d like we can have a consult just with parents without involving the child. These are typically general advising consultations. Once we start work on the application though, obviously the child has to be involved.

how can we help you?

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our team

I also wanted to thank you and your team for all the help that you’ve offered during this entire process. It’s been nothing short of a godsend and has played a large role in how my cycle is going.

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