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Master Advisors

What is a MedSchoolCoach Master Advisor?

Master advisors are available on certain MedSchoolCoach packages on a first come first serve basis for an extra fee.


As multiyear members of various admissions committees, master advisors have an extraordinary amount of insight and experience helping students through the application process. They utilize this experience to help position each and every applicant in the best light possible.


Our Master Advisors are extra responsive to students, often replying to emails within minutes and turning around essays within hours. That doesn’t mean you’ll always get a response immediately (after all, a good essay edit takes some time), but you can rest assured they will be there when you need them!


Our Master Advisors have a track record of incredible success. They have helped students from all spectrums of academic backgrounds be accepted to medical school. Whether you are looking to aim for Harvard or your state medical school, they can get you there. Over the last 3 years, the acceptance rate for students working with one of our Master Advisors is >95%!

Perfectly Satisfied Clients

We know that the medical school application can be a stressful time for applicants and their families. Our Master Advisors can help make this a smoother process and our students love them for it. We survey our students every year and for the past 3 years not a single student has had a negative thing to say about any of our master advisors! They just love working with them, period.

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