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Medical School Letters of Intent

At this time of year (January), many medical schools have already gotten back to you with their decision. Other schools wait until March/April/May to give our their decisions. For those of you that have been wait-listed or not heard from a particular school, now is a good time to let them know you are still interested. In fact, if a school is your top choice, this would be a great time to let them know.

If you haven’t gotten an interview invite, but you really love a school, you can tell them that in a “letter of intent.” You should express some basic reasons why this particular school is your top choice in this letter. You may also want to include a little update about what you’ve been doing for the past few months. Do not tell more than one school that they are your top choice though as this may come back and bite you.

If you were wait-listed at a school, this letter can certainly affect your positioning, provided it is genuine. Mass mailing schools will not help, so it maybe best for this letter to be personalized and sent via snail mail rather than email. These things do make small differences, so use them wisely.

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