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Medical School Personal Statement Tips and Examples

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  • MedSchoolCoach’s Guide to Writing the Medical School Personal Statement E-Book

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Medical School Personal Statement Editing
As a bonus, our service also includes Grammarly English Grammar check for your medical school personal statement. 150+ Grammar Checks to check your text for the proper use of advanced grammar rules. Plagiarism Detection to find borrowed text before it gets you into trouble. Vocabulary Enhancement to use words that make an impact. Liven up your sentences and improve readability with context-optimized word choice suggestions. Contextual Spell Check to spot correctly spelled words used in the wrong context. No more embarrassing typos like then-than, to-two-too, lose-loose. Among other grammar corrections by our system includes Subject –Verb Agreement, Faulty Parallelism, Run-on Sentences and Comma Splices and Dangling Modifiers. Let us help you make your medical school personal statement perfect from both a content and grammar perspective!

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MedSchoolCoach's Guide to the Medical School Personal StatementThe medical school personal statement for medical school is one of the most important parts of your application. It is the separator of similar applicants. It decides who gets an interview, and who does not. Do not take it lightly!

There are many variations of a great personal statement. The key is writing one that shows who you are. You need to sell yourself to the medical school admissions committee, but do it in a way that comes across as humble. This is a though balancing act.

MedSchoolCoach’s Guide to the Medical School Personal Statement takes you through the entire personal statement writing process. You’ll gain an understanding of how medical school’s use the personal statement in their evaluation process, what makes a good and bad personal statement, and how to write a great personal statement for you. The short guide also includes specifics of the AMCAS personal statement and the AACOMAS (DO) personal statement. The special feature boxes highlight the most salient points of ever chapter.

Before you begin writing, this guide is a must read. Spending an hour reading this guide will save you hours of frustration.