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MedSchoolCoach Advisor Dr Riley Mclean gives advice to Boston College Premeds

Check our Dr Riley Mclean’s interview with the Heights Boston College Newpaper at:

“The hardest part of med school is getting in,” said Riley McLean, BC ’08. McLean finished med school at UMass last spring, is currently working as an intern at the university, and is going into dermatology—she also works for MedSchoolCoach, a company that offers similar advising services to the BC pre-med program.

McLean recommended students start fulfilling the pre-med class requirements no later than sophomore year. Students that want to go to med school the fall after graduation must complete the pre-med requirements by the end of their junior year—these students should start pursuing and familiarizing themselves with the concept of med school in the fall semester of their junior year. The first application deadlines will be in January of that year, and students should take the MCAT that spring. McLean advised submitting the application as soon as it opens in early June because people who turn their applications in too late have a lower chance of getting accepted. Applicants will be called for interviews in the fall of their senior year. For students planning to take a year off before med school, the same process will take place during their senior year.

Finally, there are the things you can do to make your application stand out. Letters of recommendation should be written by people that know you well, and McLean advised students to “ask for strong letters of recommendation.” Extracurricular activities and volunteer work should reflect quality hours of dedication to clubs you are passionate about and service to the community.