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MedSchoolCoach featured in Wellesley News

Grading policy discussions enter Senate and House Councils, an article in the Wellesley News features MedSchoolCoach advisor Dr Sahil Mehta.

“[Medical] schools get upwards of 5,000 applications, some up to 12,000, so it is hard for schools to sort through each of these applicants,” Sahil Mehta M.D. President at MedSchoolCoach, stated. “The two most important factors are grades and MCAT scores, so applicants are often ‘screened’ by these two factors… It is nearly impossible for a medical school to keep up with changes of every particular undergrad school in terms of their ‘curve,’ so invariably grade deflation will hurt candidates from that particular school. Medical schools do know some basic trends—several years ago all Harvard students were getting A’s, they know that MIT is notoriously difficult, etc. but sudden changes are harder to keep up with.”

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