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MedSchoolCoach Success Stories

Priya S

University of Michigan

The advisors at MedSchoolCoach were supportive every step of the way. Dr. Korgavkar was really helpful as I filled out my application and wrote my Personal Statement, and then secondaries. Writing for medical school applications is an art and takes a certain level of skill, and I feel that she really helped me develop that. She was also really encouraging during the waiting process and continued to give great advice as I interviewed. She was always prompt and easily available, and did a great job of both providing me with more information and with giving me pep talks and reassurance. When it came to mock interviews, she was really patient with me and helped me prepare well. On that note, I felt that the other mock interviewers available through MedSchoolCoach were amazing as well-they helped me amplify my strong points and build up a strong interviewing style. I’ve received multiple acceptances and I truly believe the advisors here helped make a difference in my career. Working with MedSchoolCoach made me appreciate even more the role of a proper mentor-and I hope to serve as a similar mentor in the future!

Shanna Y

University of Rochester

I no longer had close access to a premed advisor while I was going through the process because I took two gap years. In addition, my GPA or MCAT were neither terrible nor great, so I wanted to have an extra edge to get into medical school the first time. MedSchoolCoach had extensive individual advising from physicians with admissions committee experience. I really appreciate the thorough job my advisor (Alice) did in reading my essays. On secondaries, Alice’s tips helped me get all the interviews I got.

Sandeep J

Vanderbilt University

With an Ivy League undergraduate degree, a great MCAT score and good grades, he thought he was a shoe in for an acceptance. Unfortunately, it didn’t go that way his first time around. Sandeep came to us as a reapplicant and with our help got into his #1 choice school the second year around!