MedSchoolCoach Webinar: How to Ace Your Medical School Interview


Free Webinar: How to Ace Your Medical School Interview

July 19th at 9 pm EST

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Join the experts at MedSchoolCoach for a free webinar focused on acing your medical school interview. MedSchoolCoach advisors will take you through potential questions that may be asked during your interview, give you advice on how to best answer them, and hand you tips on how you can stand out!

  • How to stand out during your interview
  • Understand the MMI interview process
  • What interviewers are really looking for
  • How the student interview differs from a physician interview
  • Learn the most common and important questions and our advisors expert advice on how to answer them
  • Watch our advisors go through potential questions and answers
  • Round table discussion and Q&A session with MedSchoolCoach advisors and former admissions interviewers

Register Today for the Free Webinar

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