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Q: When do my applications have to be in by? A: The sooner the better!

Most medical schools have application due dates between Oct and Dec, with the majority falling in November. However, do not wait to get your application out until then! The way medical school’s grant interviews is on a rolling basis, meaning if your application is one of the first 200 in, they’ll look at those 200 and grant x number of interviews. Then when another 200 applications come in, they will look at all 400 applications and grant another x interviews. The advantage of getting your app in early is that you get looked at more times. Your goal should be to get your application in no later than October 1st, but preferably even before then. It is okay to submit an application without the latest set of grades or even your letters of rec, because as soon as those come in your application can now be complete.

Bottom line: submit your app as early as possible!