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Residency Admissions Consulting

medical residency application help and tipsResidency applications have become increasingly competitive, especially for the most competitive specialities. MedSchoolCoach’s advisors are actual physicians who have admissions committee experience and can help you take your residency application to the next level. They will coach you in the art of a great ERAS application, a great personal statement and how to interview with physicians in specific specialities.

You have worked incredibly hard in undergrad and now medical school to be at this stage. Don’t let a poor showing on your ERAS application ruin your chances for admission into the specialty of your choice!

MedSchoolCoach residency advisors have served on admissions committees and are specialists in some of the most competitive residencies in the US.

Competitive Specialty Consultants
Former Interviewers
In-Depth Insights
Physician Advisors
Multiple Interviewers
Proven Results

Comprehensive Package

Learn how to ace the residency selection process with this comprehensive package of one-on-one services with one of our amazing advisors. Get selected to interview and achieve your goal of matching into the specialty and program of your choice with expert advice and guidance from former admissions committee members and specialists in your field of choice.

Our comprehensive package ($2500) includes:

  • Complete strategy sessions to plan our your program list and eventual rank list
  • Unlimited edits of your Personal Statement
  • Unlimited edits of your ERAS application
  • 2 hours mock interview

Personal Statement & ERAS Editing

Personal Statement Editing – In depth content (and grammar) review by actual physicians within the speciality of your choice will help you shape your personal statement to stand out amongst the crowd of competitive applicants.

  • Three Edits: $600

ERAS Review – Make sure your ERAS application is as good as it can be. After all, this is your resume expanded, the culmination of your experiences as you apply to residency programs.

  • Three Edits: $450

Strategic Planning

If you need help through any of the following questions, our Strategic Planning Sessions are for you. You will meet virtually with an advisor with experience in your desired specialty field to get in-depth insights into your application and how to best position yourself for success.

Cost: $300/hr

  • Am I competitive for this speciality?
  • How can I increase my chances of matching?
  • What activities/research should I be engaged in?
  • What should I do for a back up?
  • What are my chances of matching?
  • Which programs are the best in the country for my specialty?
  • What should I look for in a program for great training?
  • Any other questions you can think of!

Mock Interviews

Our mock interviews will allow you to hone your residency interviewing skills by practicing with physicians who were on admissions committees and made decisions on if applicants were accepted or rejected. Our practice is as refined and real as it gets, so you will be well prepared for your actual residency interview no matter what types of questions are thrown at you.

  • One Hour: $350
  • Two Hours (two one hour sessions): $650
  • Three Hours (three one hour sessions): $875
  • Four Hours (four one hour sessions): $1100

core components

Our residency package is a must for anyone looking for a residency consultant. Here is how it works:

  • Prereview: We will review your entire resume and specialty choice and assign you an advisor who best matches your profile (in most cases, in your speciality of choice!)
  • Insider Knowledge: Insight on how the residency application process is conducted and how to stand out.
  • Planning: Strategic planning on where to apply, what programs to target, how many to apply to, etc based on your specialty choice.
  • Essay Editing: Help through your  personal statement to make it stand out to physicians reading your application.
  • ERAS Editing: Help through your ERAS application and how to make your activities shine.
  • Interview Prep: Preparation with a variety of residency interviewers.

Meet a few of our advisors

Specialty Advisors

Meet a few of our speciality specific advisors:

  • Dermatology:
    • Dr. Kachiu Lee – Brown
    • Dr. Kaveri Korgavkar – Brown
    • Dr. Julia Baltz – U Mass
    • Dr. Stephen Vance – Columbia
    • Dr. Monica Enamandram – Stanford
    • Dr. Sungat Grewal – UCSF
    • Dr. Ryan Gillihan – University of Florida
  • Interventional Radiology: 
    • Dr. Anthony Esparaz – BIDMC/University of Michigan
    • Dr. Elie Balesh – MGH/UTSW
  • Diagnostic Radiology:
    • Dr. Elie Balesh – MGH
    • Dr. Anthony Esparaz – BIDMC
    • Dr. Sam Volin – MUSC
  • General Surgery:
    • Dr. Emily Singer – University of Ohio
  • Plastic Surgery:
    • Dr. Sam Fuller – University of Chicago
  • Internal Medicine:
    • Dr. Nikhil Seth – University of Pittsburgh
    • Dr. Amar Mandalia – Emory University
    • Dr. Kelley Koffman – NYU
    • Dr. Raj Sarkar – Case Western
    • Dr. Mili Mehta – University of Pennsylvania
  • Psychiatry:
    • Dr. Michael Fraizer – UCLA
    • Dr. Brian Wu – USC
    • Dr. Jasmin Scott-Hawkins – USC
    • Dr. Karun Gonga – USC
  • Orthopedic Surgery
    • Dr. Alec Sundet – University of Vermont
  • Neurosurgery:
    • Dr. Saurabh Sinha – University of Pennsylvania
  • Radiation Oncology:
    • Dr. Sanjay Aneja – Yale University
    • Dr. Avani Rao – Johns Hopkins
    • Dr. Q. Ho – University of Arizona
  • OB/Gyn:
    • Dr. Patrick Beeman
  • Urology
    • Dr. Edward Chang – University of Washington
    • Dr. Rahul Dutta – Vanderbilt

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