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Simon Bababeygy MD

Simon Bababeygy MD

Simon Bababeygy MD
areas of expertise
  • Complete Application Preparation Assistance
  • California Applicant Advising
  • Top Tier School Advising
  • Essay Editing
  • Interview Preparation
  • MMI Interview Preparation
  • BS, UCLA
  • MD, Stanford University
  • Residency, USC
  • Fellowship, UC Irvine

Simon received his M.D. from Stanford University School of Medicine, where he served 4 years on the Admissions Committee. He is a former Research Fellow of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He completed his Vitreo-Retina Surgery training in California where he is currently practicing. He has published over 70 abstracts and peer-reviewed publications in the fields of neurosurgery and ophthalmology, contributing to significant advances in protein therapeutics, neural stem cells, and eye surgery. Additionally, he is a journal Peer Reviewer for multiple indexed medical journals, and serves as a Scientific Advisory Board Member for current Clinical Trials/Drugs in Ophthalmology. He has over 8 years of medical school admission consulting experience with a 96% admissions acceptance rate for his students.

Dr. Bababeygy served on the admissions committee at Stanford for four years

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