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Amogh Chandupatla

areas of expertise
  • MCAT Tutoring
  • B.S. Boston University – Biomedical Engineering
  • M.D. RWJMS (Class of 2022)

Amogh is a recent graduate of Boston University where he majored in Biomedical Engineering. This fall, he will be attending Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Amogh worked at BU’s Neuromotor Recovery Laboratory dedicated to gait restoration in stroke patients. Through his research, he aimed to create a system to track the gait cycle in real-time and developed a novel real-time gait detection algorithm that uses data from wearable inertial sensors for the system. Amogh is also a trained EMT, patient advocate volunteer, and led a Bollywood fusion dance team at Boston University.

Amogh has been tutoring since he was in high school. His most recent tutoring experiences include tutoring college students in various undergraduate STEM classes ranging from General Chemistry to Differential Calculus. Amogh has always been a strong supporter of individualized student attention. He often finds that lecture/textbook learning necessitates unsupervised self-teaching, and a great deal of students who struggle to teach themselves complex concepts are unable to unlock this potential. Here at MedSchoolCoach, Amogh gives his undivided attention to each and every student, working with them towards their MCAT goals.

Amogh has scored >97% in 3 out of 4 sections of the MCAT.

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