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Ashley Paquin

areas of expertise
  • Test taking strategy
  • USMLE Step 2
  • Shelf Exams
  • B.A. – Carleton College
  • M.D. – Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, Expected 2019

After graduating from Carleton College with a degree in Biology, Ashley spent two years at the National Cancer Institute performing cancer genetics research. While there, she began tutoring high school and college students with a focus ACT, SAT, and MCAT prep and math and science concepts. She found a love of teaching and mentoring which she continued once accepted to her top choice of Mayo Clinic School of Medicine.

In medical school, she served as a teaching assistant for the pathology block for the inaugural class at the Scottsdale, Arizona campus where she prepared and lead small group sessions teaching basic science concepts and clinical reasoning skills through cased based learning. She also served as a tutor pathology, Step 1, Shelf exams, and general study skills. She took on the responsibility of collating internal data and resources for Mayo students for Step 1, Step 2, and third year clerkships and shelf exams, and hosted and served on multiple Step 1 study success panels for Mayo students and visiting students.

Ashley is passionate about crafting individualized study plans and focusing on understanding rather than memorizing. With 5 years of test prep tutoring experience, she brings expertise in test taking strategies including how to understand exactly what a question is asking and how to use what you do know to correctly answer questions even when you don’t know the specific fact being tested.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys traveling, hiking, and baking.

Ashley has more than 4 years and 500 hours of test prep tutoring experience.

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