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Brian L. Chang

areas of expertise
  • General Advising
  • Preclinical Tutoring
  • USMLE Step 1 Tutoring
  • Shelf Exam Tutoring
  • University of Pennsylvania – B.S.
  • University of Pennsylvania – M.D.
  • Georgetown University – Residency in Integrated Plastic Surgery

Brian L. Chang is a graduating medical student at the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated from the dual-degree program at the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in molecular biology from the College of Arts and Sciences and finance from the Wharton School. He chose to stay at the University of Pennsylvania for medical school, where he developed an interest in plastic surgery, publishing over 15 plastic surgery articles and chapters. Next year, Brian will start his integrated plastic surgery residency at Georgetown University.

Brian has always loved tutoring and helping other students find academic success. Previously he has tutored for the SAT and MCAT as well as working as a TA and tutor during college. During medical school, he honored all of his clinical rotations and scored above 260 on his USMLE Step 1 examination. Brian knows how challenging preparing for medical school exams can be and really hopes he can share the strategies and approaches he used to achieve success with fellow students.

Brian is a passionate tutor who honored all his clinical rotations and scored ≥ 260 on his USMLE Step 1 Examination.

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