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Grant E. Barber MD

Grant Barber MD
areas of expertise
  • Application advising for Top Tier Schools
  • Essay Editing
  • Early Mentorship and Guidance for Premeds
  • Complete application preparation guidance
  • BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MD, Harvard University
  • Residency, Stanford University
Grant graduated with honors in research from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a degree in Biochemistry with Honors in research and the prestigious Hilldale and Mary-Shine-Petersen Awards. He subsequently graduated from Harvard Medical School. He has extensive research experience in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and overlap infectious syndromes with numerous publications in journals with high impact factors. He has spent most of his professional life teaching and advising students in many different capacities. For example, he served as the academic chair of the biochemistry department of UW-Madison, was president of 2 specialty groups at Harvard Medical School and founded another, served as a curriculum development consultant at Harvard Medical School for the novel Pathways tract, and worked as a faculty preceptor of the physical exam at Harvard. He is completing his Internal Medicine Residency at Stanford University and aims to become a leading Gastroenterology clinician, educator, and research.

Grant scored >95% on his USMLE Step 1 and is a graduate of Harvard Medical School

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