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Kathryn Henshaw

Kathryn Henshaw

areas of expertise
  • MCAT Tutoring
  • BS – University of Miami

Kathryn graduated from the University of Miami in 2018 with degrees in Biochemistry & Nutrition and Neuroscience. While an undergraduate student, she researched at Miller Stem Cell Institute where she was a contributing author on a paper describing a novel biochemical pathway involved with heart failure. In addition, she was a psychology research assistant on a project to address minority stress in LGBTQ+ individuals.

At the University of Miami, Kathryn worked as a peer tutor for science and math subjects. As an MCAT tutor, she focuses on each student’s own strengths and passions to encourage enthusiasm and active engagement with the subject matter. She aims to help students find an optimal balance between studying and personal fulfillment during the difficult time of MCAT preparation.

Kathryn scored in the 99th Percentile on her MCAT.

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