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Rohanit Singh

Rohanit Singh

Rohanit MCAT Tutor
areas of expertise
  • MCAT Tutoring
  • B.S. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Rohanit is currently a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). As someone who is acquiring both a B.S.PH at the Gillings School of Global Public Health and a B.S. in Biology, Rohanit plans to work towards combining aspects of public health and medicine as a medical student. After being inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, Rohanit was selected to serve as President of UNC’s Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. During his time at UNC, Rohanit has been involved in leadership roles, soccer, volunteering, and research in cardiology and epidemiology.

Rohanit has extensive teaching experience with a wide variety of students. From working as a tutor at Mathnasium for middle school and high school students to working as a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Instructor at UNC, Rohanit has been able to effectively teach many different groups of students. He has worked as a Peer Mentor Instructor and an SI Instructor at the UNC Biology Department for over two years. He finds that individualized learning is particularly apt for enabling students to fully realize their potential and perform at the highest levels.

Rohanit scored >95% on his MCAT and is recognized as one of the top peer tutors at UNC

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