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Sarat Munjuluri MD

Sarat Munjuluri
areas of expertise
  • General Advising for Non-Traditional Applicants
  • General Advising for BA/MD Applicants
  • Application Strategizing
  • Essay Brainstorming and Editing
  • Interview Preparation
  • Scholarship Strategizing
  • Advising for California and Texas Applicants
  • BA, Rutgers University
  • MS, UC Berkeley (Joint Medical Program, PRIME)
  • MD, UC San Francisco (Joint Medical Program, PRIME)

Sarat is a “non-traditional” physician, having worked for about ten years before entering medical school. He graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Genetics and English. At Rutgers, he conducted research into divergent theories of natural selection mechanisms within computer coded, high duress environments. After graduation, he became a Spanish/English elementary school teacher through Teach For America in Houston. He later became the director of college counseling at Sacramento High School, where he led the school’s efforts to help students through the undergraduate college application process. Other positions he has held include being a waiter, a forest ranger, and a student at a Zen monastery. He entered the UC Berkeley–UC San Francisco (UCSF) Joint Medical Program in 2011. In addition to his medical studies, he ran a pilot study investigating the stress reducing effects of a yoga program among at-risk children and continued to work as a college counselor for a consulting company. He graduated in 2017 and moved back to Houston to complete a residency in Psychiatry at the Baylor College of Medicine. He lives with his wife, children, parents, and cats. He was a member of the UCSF PRIME admissions committee.

Dr. Munjuluri served on the admissions committee at UCSF PRIME and served as Director of College Counseling at Sacramento High School

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