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Zach Miller

Zach Miller
areas of expertise
  • Step 1 Tutoring
  • Shelf Exam Tutoring
  • Step 2 Tutoring
  • BSE Duke University
  • MD/PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison (in progress)

Zach is originally from Florida, but for the last four years has been adapting to Wisconsin’s frozen lakes and nine months of winter as an MD/PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For his PhD, he does work in medical physics developing tools for real-time volumetric magnetic resonance imaging. Broadly though, he is interested in using tools from mathematics and computer science to improve healthcare. Zach has been tutoring for the board exams for the last year and a half and has nearly 1,000 hours of tutoring experience.

Zach scored 260 on his USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 and has tutored nearly 1,000 individual hours for Step exams.

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