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Ben Robison MD Master Advisor

Ben Robison MD, MedSchoolCoach Master Advisor
Dr. Robison is a Macarthur award winning MD who offers individualized strategic advice, communication coaching, and editorial insight that has propeled students into top-tier medical schools.

Coach's bio

Dr. Benjamin Robison, MD-PhD is a MacArthur award winning designer, healthcare consultant, musician, and climber, who has taught and coached at every step of his career. While completing his MD degree at Stanford University School of Medicine, he developed and published multiple medical education design innovations and was part of the teaching staff for Stanford’s core Practice of Medicine course. He also assisted numerous students interested in the medical profession to fully explore their motivations while developing deeply personal and engaging approaches to their narrative and portfolio. During pre-med, Ben tutored math, physics, chemistry, and writing. Prior to his medical education, Ben founded and was the artistic director of a multimedia stage ensemble and was the co-founder of the Musicians’ Alliance for Peace, a global organization that has produced over three hundred and fifty concerts in over 25 countries. He has performed as soloist, concertmaster and chamber musician in France, Italy, Greece, Canada and the United States and has collaborated with musicians such as Anton Kuerti, Ani Kavafian, the Emerson Quartet, and Luciano Pavarotti. Ben holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, Stony Brook University, and Stanford University.

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BS- Columbia University
PD- Johns Hopkins University
DMA- Stony Brook University
Medical School:
MD- Stanford University



Dr. Robison stayed awake over 40 hours while climbing miles of vertical terrain in Yosemite Valley and performed as a solo violinist in from of audiences numbering in the thousands. He's currently learning to create reinforcement learning algorithms and other machine learning techniques to support adaptive coaching for students and patients.

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