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Davietta Butty MD

Davietta Butty MD, MedschoolCoach Advisor
Dr. Butty is a pediatric urgent care physician and has extensive experience advising pre-medical students.

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Dr. Butty grew up in the Detroit area and was trained as a peer writing tutor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She worked for two and a half years as a peer writing tutor, attending conferences on tutoring strategies, and studying techniques to improve writing and revising skills. She majored in Biology and English and is interested in the history and evolution of written and spoken language.

Dr. Butty attended the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, IL where she also pursued her MPH. One of her passions is transgender health and improving healthcare disparities, and she fought for more inclusiveness and diversity in medical school curricula. She is also passionate about sports medicine and orthopedics, having spent time doing both clinical and bench research within those fields. She has multiple publications in sports medicine and orthopedic journals. She also worked to recruit students to Northwestern and was also the president of SNMA there.

Dr. Butty completed her residency in pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, WI. Her clinic time as a resident was spent working with low-income populations, and this population remains close to her heart. She loves working with adolescents most of all.
Dr. Butty currently works as a pediatric urgent care physician and still remains interested in orthopedics, sports medicine, transgender health, healthcare disparities, and language.

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BS-University of Michigan
Medical School:
MD/MPH- Northwestern University
Medical College of Wisconsin




Dr. Butty is super laid back. She would pick New York pizza over Chicago pizza, but would have to let you know that Detroit pizza is a thing. She is a HUGE Les Twins fan.

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