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Kristiana works closely with students to help them improve their study skills, master the content, build their confidence, and have a positive studying experience.

Kristiana Nasto, MedSchoolCoach

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Kristiana was born and raised in Albania. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Florida (USF) with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences and physics. During her time at USF, Kristiana served as a study skills peer-mentor and a tutor for chemistry, physics, and calculus. She also started working as an MCAT instructor in her senior year.

After starting medical school at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), Kristiana continued to tutor for the MCAT and advise premedical students in the Houston area. In her third year of medical school, she was inducted into AOA and now serves as an AOA mentor and tutor at BCM`s Academic Success Center. She has also honored all of her clinical rotations. In terms of exams, Kristiana scored above the 90th percentile in all her NBME shelf exams and a 277 on USMLE Step 2.

Currently, Kristiana is a fourth-year medical student applying to internal medicine residency and aiming to pursue a hematology and oncology fellowship in the near future.


Undergraduate: University of South Florida
Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine


USMLE Step 2: 277

Fun Fact

Kristiana loves hiking, playing badminton, and painting pottery in her free time. She is also a huge Harry Potter fan.

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