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our former students' words

I also wanted to thank you and your team for all the help that you’ve offered during this entire process. It’s been nothing short of a godsend and has played a large role in how my cycle is going.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2017

Accepted to my #1 choice! and I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you so much for helping me throughout this long process (almost one year)! You truly made me the best applicant I could be from writing update letters to get off the waitlist last year, to writing a new personal statement and editing my entire application, to finding more volunteering opportunities, to getting a research job, secondary essays, and interview prep! Words can not express how thankful I am to have had you as my MedSchoolCoach. I really could not have done it without you. Thanks for being so patient with me and always ready to give me a pep talk and making me believe that this was all possible. I wanted to tell you all this over the phone, but I would have gotten too emotional and started crying because of how amazing you are and how you played such an integral role in helping me achieve my dream. So instead I am crying tears of appreciation and joy while I write this email šŸ™‚

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2017

Hello Dr Mehta, I wanted to write and express my appreciation for everything you and Dr Frazier have done for my daughter. She has received multiple interview opportunities to several schools including her top two and has actually been accepted! Without your company this would have never been possible for her to achieve. You were able to bring the very best out of her and Dr Frazier really helped her create an amazing personal statement. Through the process she has obtained confidence in herself and has been able to represent herself well during the interviews. We truly appreciate everyone involved with helping her, she had nothing but glowing reviews for how nice everyone has been and how much they seemed to really care.

Mother of MedSchoolCoach Client

I initially bought the Bronze and was so impressed I upgraded to the Gold in 2 weeks. Everything they did and everyone I contacted at MedSchoolCoach could not have been more helpful. I would send an email and get an instant thorough response to all my questions. The interview preparation was especially helpful.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2014

I did not think it would be worth it, but it definitely was. I couldn’t have gone through this process without MedSchoolCoach. I worked with 3 advisers, everyone of whom were awesome. They took me through everything and I was submitted on day 1, well ahead of everyone else. It all worked out in the end as I got into 4 schools.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2012

Thank you! And thanks for all of the help from MedSchoolCoach. It really helped me prepare for my interview, and Dr. Marinelli and Dr. Lipsit were both so supportive!

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2016

You were the one who pushed me to apply there and I honestly can’t thank you enough for doing that. They saw something in me, and the dean told me over the phone that not only did my interviewers have amazing things to say about me but my WRITING was so impressive. You definitely had a helping hand in that early on. Thank you so much for your guidance, your edits and everything else that you helped me with last summer to give me the best possible chance of acceptance to medical school. Finally, FINALLY I can say that it has all worked out for the absolute best.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2016

Thank you so much for all your help with my personal statement. Couldnā€™t have gotten my admission without you!

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2011

I have really appreciated all the help I have gotten so far. The editors are very available and respond promptly. Also, the advice I got really pushed me in the right direction with my essay and made me understand what they are looking for when applying. It gave me a sense of relief knowing I have the help of someone who has gone through this application process not too long ago. And I really like that they let you use the service as long as you want until you are happy with your essay. OVERALL- GREAT EXPERIENCE!! I would definitely recommend others to use MedSchoolCoach.COM!

MedSchoolCoach Class 2011

Raj was really positive and had prepared many sample questions to ask me, and gave me a lot of feedback on those questions. One of the questions he asked me (what was my major in college) was an actual interview question during my Dartmouth interview, and I was able to improve my answer to this question based on Raj’s feedback so that it came across better in the interview. The biggest thing I learned from Raj was just that the interview was really like a conversation, which would start out with the interviewer trying to get to know me better by asking me questions about my background. Once I realized this (and got through my first interview) it made the interview process seem less daunting, because it was really like a get-to-know-you type of conversation.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2011

Could not have gotten in without MedSchoolCoach’s help with the application. Everything was top notch and professional and my advisers all had this great style of providing feedback that changed my application for the better.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2012

Had 2 mock interviews, both were great. Sahil was very helpful and provided great insight. I interviewed with Raj last night and found him to be extremely helpful as well. He offered great feedback and seems to have a true interest in helping me achieve my med school dreams. Both Sahil and Raj were very down to earth and could relate very easily to my situation since they were both in my shoes not too long ago… Well worth the money.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2013

I am so glad that I met the team at MedSchoolCoach!! Their ongoing support via email, phone, and skype was truly invaluable resource in the entire medical school application process. The highly qualified team personalizes plans that help you achieve your goals while remaining realistic in your expectations. They are extremely approachable, friendly, professional, and young so not far-removed from the process! I am currently a medical student, and continue to use their services in preparation for my next round of applications- residency. I thank the MedSchoolCoach team for helping me and I recommend them to all who are on similar path.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2015

We hired Services of Medschoolcoach team for our daughter after we blew upward of 20k with a so called “top notch” med school counsellor. I would rate services of Medschoolcoach nothing sortof outstanding. They provide a very realistic assessment . Our daughter greatly benefited from their interview preparation and Sahil and his team’s critiq on the essays. To sum up their service I would say “They do not behave like vultures ready to preyin unsuspecting clients”

I would not miss a beat to give them a 5 star rating. Our daughter got into multiple med schools in US. Thanks to MedSchoolCoach team for their help!

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2013

I am the parent of a student that received help from Sahil and company. From our first meeting to the one where one can claim success, the group was extremely insightful, honest, supportive, and kind with their invaluable words!! I recommend them to anyone who is on this path.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2015

Sahil and co. helped me tremendously when I did not have much hope for success. From the beginning, they had a plan for how to attack each part of the application in a timely fashion and were always available to answer e-mails in a very quick manner as well as set up phone interviews for any other pertinent questions. Additionally, I was able to reach out to other team members to work on my statements and interview skills, which for me, was incredibly helpful and invaluable when I actually went into my interviews. They were always there to answer any questions and gave the straight facts. My chances weren’t so bright going in, and that was stated from the beginning, but luckily, I pulled through and matched into a university program. I could not have done it without their help. It is always nice to have people who have just done this themselves showing you the ropes, so to speak. I highly recommend their services as it was a highly successful program for myself.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2015

Medschoolcoach gave me exactly what I was looking for with application help. I needed a program where I could choose the hours to fit into my busy schedule. I also only had a limited time to prepare for applications and my MCAT, so condensing all the work and information was crucial as well. I simply did not have the overall time or day to day flexibility to use a large program. Besides those elements, the help and personal service MedSchoolCoach provided was first rate. They have a knowledgeable and personable individual who helps you with each little section of the overall application. Having recently been accepted, I can say MedSchoolCoach contributed significantly to my chances of acceptance.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2014

I love MedSchoolCoach! I can honestly say I would not have gotten into medical school without their constant help. Thank you so much!

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2016

I got my acceptance letter from Quinnipiac today!!!!!!!! Couldn’t be more excited and I couldn’t thank you enough.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2016

Hi Sahil,

I wanted to share some good news with you. I recently found out that I was accepted into UMass medical school! I am very happy and beyond excited! I want to thank you for all the assistance and help that you have given me, even before I began the medical school application process.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2015

I wanted to let you know that I was accepted to the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School as and early decision candidate to enter in fall 2015. I appreciate all of the support that I received from your team throughout the application process. Both Dr. Balesh and Dr. Sarkar provided me with very helpful feedback on my personal statement, AMCAS activities section, and regarding interview preparation. Thank you again for all of your help.

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2014

I’m SO excited. And still in a little bit of shock. It’s hard to believe that this whole process actually happened when last summer I felt like it was never going to end. But I cannot thank you enough for all of your help editing those personal statements and secondaries. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you and the rest of the MedSchoolCoach team helping me prep!

MedSchoolCoach Class of 2016

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