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Tips for Applying to Medical School and Your Social Media Accounts

In May, Kaplan Test Prep conducted telephone interviews with graduate school admissions officers from 123 schools on U.S. News & World Report‘s list of the top 200 graduate programs. A dramatic percentage of admissions officers said social networking could actually hurt your application. That said, here are steps you need to take now!

  • Google: Go ahead and Google yourself. See what comes up. If there is something detrimental, ask the poster of the picture of the article to take it down now.
  • Facebook: Make sure all your Facebook settings are on Private. No one should be able to search for you and see anything but your profile picture (not even that if it’s risqué). You do not want admissions officers seeing the rest of your photos! Included in the privacy settings should be the inability to see your interests, relationships, etc.
  • Google Plus/Email Pictures: Many of you may not realize, but your Gmail account is linked to a picture. This picture comes up when you send out your applications. Make sure it is professional or remove it completely.
  • Twitter: Refrain from Twitter. If you tweet, make sure you are clean.
  • Email: Make sure your email address is professional. Email addresses such as [email protected] will not fly with admission committees. Use your college email address preferably. Also, make sure your name is capitalized correction (i.e. not JOHN DOE or john doe, but John Doe).