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Use your interviewer’s office for clues in order to start a great interview

One of the most often asked questions is how should one start an interview. One great way is to look around the office for something you can talk about.

The moment you walk into an interview you have an opportunity to separate yourself from others. Take a look at your interviewer’s office and see if you can find something that you can relate to. Perhaps its a piece of artwork, a poster of a sports team, or a picture of him or her playing golf. Whatever it is, if you have an in, use it. If you love the same sports team the interviewer does, you should bring it up. Even if you love another sports team, you should take that opportunity to comment on the poster. If you see a piece of artwork that sticks out to you, bring it up during the interview. These can be the opening lines of your interview. Talking about something personal certainly beats the “it’s cold outside today” start to an interview. Look around, find visual cues and connect with the interviewer. It will go a long way!