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Volunteering…when to do it, where to do it

Volunteering is a great thing to do not matter what you want out of life. If it is admission to medical school you want, it will certainly be beneficial.

A few things to keep in mind though. Almost everyone who applies to medical school has “volunteered” at some point. A lot of this is one hour here and one hour there maybe working in a hospital gift shop or reading to kids at a school. Admissions committees see past these little commitments. While they are great to do, it won’t get you into medical school.

What you should focus on instead is to pick something you are really passionate about. This can be anything and not necessarily health related. You should strive to do that activity for an extended period of time. Show commitment to it. It is much more impressive to see you working for 4 years in a soup kitchen where you are now the assistant volunteer coordinator than 1 hour at a hospital. Help and volunteer in things that interest you, not what you think admissions committees are looking for!