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What kind of leadership experience do I need for medical school?

Leadership is obviously a very important quality that every applicant to anything should have. The ability to be a leader in the field of medicine is something that every medical school is looking for. We want students who are not just going to be physicians, but students are going to help shape our specialty for the next 30 years. We want physicians who will become leaders in the community helping the citizens lead healthier lives.

So, naturally leadership is an important part of your medical school application. So how do you show it and how many leadership activities do you need? There is no definitive answer for the minimum number of leadership activity one needs however what we suggest is that you have at least one leadership activity lasting over three months. This could be as a president or vice president of a particular club, or an organization. The one leadership activity is a minimum, however many students who are successful in the medical school application process will have at least three different leadership experiences lasting three months or longer within four-year span. I’d recommend you look into finding at least this number of leadership experiences as you go through your undergrad years. Remember, leadership come in many forms so it doesn’t always have to be that you’re the president of a particular group, however you should be in a position where you’ve led others in some way!