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What to write in thank you letters to interviewers

There is a lot of confusion around what to write in thank you letters to your medical school interviewer. The first issue is even if you should write a thank you letter. The answer to that is easy, you absolutely should. The interviewer for medical school has taken his time to interview you and be part of the admissions process. You want to be sure they understand your appreciation of taking time out of their clinical day to speak with you!

The next question often comes up is it one should write a email for a written letter. My personal preferences email, especially in today’s day and age. Obviously, hand notes can get lost, are substantially slower and most of the time you don’t get an immediate response. That’s not to say it can’t make a difference. Oftentimes hand written letters really nice and can really put you over the top, however I was still no most of your interviewers within 24 just thinking of taking the time to talk to you.

In terms of content – keep it simply, friendly and enjoyable. I like thank you notes that are genuine, rather than forced. Oftentimes, bringing up something funny or interesting that you talked about during the interview can help jog the interviewer’s memory and be your advocate in the process!