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When will I receive medical school secondaries?

Congrats! You have submitted your primary AMCAS/AACOMAS/TMDSAS (or maybe all 3!) application(s). Now is the time when many students sit back and relax. That is a huge mistake! Instead, you should actually get a head start on your secondary applications. Secondary applications is often when applicants have the most trouble because you will receive an influx of applications very quickly. These secondaries can have anywhere from 1 to 5 essays and can often be very difficult to answer in a way that sets you apart. My recommendation would be to look at last year’s question prompts the minute you submit your primary (you can find them on and start drafting!

The question of “when will I receive secondary applications” comes up rather often. The answer is sometime between July and Sept. If you have submitted your app in June, that means you’ll likely be verified very early. In that case, you’ll receive the bulk of your secondary applications right at the start of July, with a few coming in during the month of August and a trickle in September. That timeline is pushed back if you submitted your primary AMCAS application later, in which case you may receive your secondaries in August and September.