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Student Ambassador Program

MedSchoolCoach Ambassadors can earn spending money, free prep, and affiliate discounts!

Become a Student Ambassador

Social Entrepreneurs

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Become a Social Ambassador

Pre-Med Social Media Mavens

Student Ambassador Program

Okay, so maybe you are not interested in pursuing medicine but you have an entrepreneurial spirt and are effective at organizing events.  If so, the Student Ambassador program could be a great fit.  We’re seeking students to be the “voice of medschoolcoach” on campus.

Student ambassadors do things like:

  • Hang posters in academic buildings
  • Promote MedSchoolCoach Events, Videos or Live Campus Visits through a personal Instagram, Facebook, YouTube account
  • Promote insider discounts through an individual coupon code


Student Ambassadors are paid hourly and are given specific instructions and tools to help spread the word about  MedSchoolCoach.  If you love marketing and promotions, we’d love to talk to you!

Club Ambassador Program

Are you a part of an undergraduate Pre-Med/STEM club or honorarium?   If so, MedSchoolCoach has a program just for you and your group.  We’ll provide free tools, admissions speakers and MCAT test specialists for club meetings PLUS we’ll give your group discounts on services as well as other freebies from the MSC Vault!

Club ambassadors do the following:

  • Set up 1-2 webinars during normal club meeting hours each semester
  • Promote webinars, special offers, and relevant announcements to the club  as appropriate
  • Act as a liaison between our Physician Advisors and the club


Club Ambassadors are eligible for spending money, admissions advising discounts, and a free MCAT course AND these benefits may extend to other members of the club as well.

Social Ambassadors

Want to help spread the word about MedSchoolCoach through your existing social network?  We’re always looking for students “dialed in” to the pre-med journey through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

MedSchoolCoach Social Ambassadors do the following:

  • Post on relevant topic 2x / week through
  • Forward relevant MedSchoolCoach or ProspectiveDoctor blogs, videos, MCAT lessons, or Webinar content


Social Ambassadors receive $$$ for mentions, shares, likes, retweets and more!



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