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10 Things You Must Know Before Applying to Medical School

An Admissions Webinar with Drs. Mehta & Marinelli

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Dr. Sahil Mehta (Founder of MedSchoolCoach and Interventional Radiologist) Dr. Renee Marinelli (Director of Advising with MedSchoolCoach and former primary care physician), and Shannon Smith share their valuable insights on getting into medical school. 



Getting admission to a medical school is growing harder with each passing year. For instance, the past year has seen a whopping 18% increase in the number of medical school applicants, however, the seats remained constant. Even great scores and great GPA fail to get significant acceptances.

Competitiveness is growing like wildfire and the application cycle itself reflects this fact. A demotivating fact indeed.


Many deserving candidates are left behind for the scarcity of seats who would have made really good doctors and clearly, there’s a doctor shortage we face today. However, a predominant reason for seats at medical schools not getting increased is that there is a myriad of post-graduate training programs which need more space as well, but those are limited (by Congress). Surely, openings in medical schools do get increased but the number is negligible (nowhere near 20%).

This all means that admission committees are putting more and more emphasis on the personal narrative. This is because the average GPA and MCAT has been almost consistent (just a tiny increase) since 2018.


This webinar covers 10 of the most important things you need to know about applying to medical school.

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