MedSchoolCoach: Through Every Step of Your Medical Education
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Through every step of your medical journey.

MedSchoolCoach focuses on just one thing – making you a physician. We’ve created an approach that takes you from day one of your pre-med journey all the way through until you become a physician. From MCAT to advising and boards prep, no one has more experience and expertise than we do.


We help target the right pre-med school or BS/MD program for you


Throughout college, we are here to guide you through the right steps, including studying for the MCAT

Post College

Once you graduate, we're here to help you put the best plan in place for medical school

Medical School

When you get into medical school, you need to maximize your board scores and plan for the residency of your choice

Residency & Beyond

Let us help you match into the residency of your choice

High School Student


  • MCAT TutoringLive online, video series and one-on-one tutoring combine to make the MedSchoolCoach MCAT offering the most robust and successful in the industry.
  • MCAT Video CourseLive online, video series and one-on-one tutoring combine to make the MedSchoolCoach MCAT offering the most robust and successful in the industry.
  • Application Support Work with a physician advisor with admissions committee experience to craft the perfect game plan and application strategy for an acceptance. Work through every step of the process, from choosing a school list to waitlist letters so that you can get an acceptance.
  • Strategic Planning Game plan for your eventual medical school application with our physician advisors. Plan a gap year, your coursework, and extracurriculars so that you can optimize your chances of an acceptance.
  • Interview PreparationRealistic practice with physician advisors who have interviewed candidates for medical school for years. Practice and receive feedback from those who have actually evaluated candidates.
  • Essay Editing Craft a perfect personal statement for your medical school application, post-bacc program or summer opportunity.

Medical Student

  • USMLE Preparation The most important test of your life maybe the USMLE. Our USMLE tutors can help you maximize your score, increasing test day scores by as much as 50 points so that you can match into the residency of your dreams.
  • COMLEX Preparation COMLEX specific tutors who understand the insides and outs of how to score well on the COMLEX so that you can be as competitive an osteopathic applicant as possible for the match.
  • Residency/ERAS Application Support Craft a perfect application with the help of our physician advisors who have been residency program directors.
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College Advising Pre-Med Success

If you are thinking about becoming a physician, your early decisions you make can make or break your chances.

We work with students through every step of the premed journey, as early as choosing the right colleges to apply to and optimizing a strategy to be accepted into the college that will enhance your chances as a pre-med.

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MCAT Preparation Live Online, Video Series and Private Tutoring

The MCAT is the most important tests in any pre-med student's life. Scoring well means having a chance at a great acceptance or two. Scoring poorly will leave you out.

MedSchoolCoach's MCAT program was built by world renowned MCAT experts for the new MCAT and to optimize each student's success. With a variety of learning platforms, we tailor to making sure every student increases their score.

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Strategic Planning Expert Advice

The pre-med process can be confusing and daunting. There will be many forks in the round and speed bumps in your journey to becoming a physician.

MedSchoolCoach's physician advisors can help smooth the road and allow you to take the right steps to becoming a physician. Whether you need help planning your summers, extracurriculars, courses, gap years or a reapplication strategy, our expert advisors can take you through your questions.

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Application Support Optimal Application

When it comes time to apply to medical school, no one has as much experience as MedSchoolCoach.

We have worked with over 10,000 applicants through the process of becoming a physician, with success rates greater than 90%. We help students reach their goals by crafting an application that will stand out from the crowd.

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USMLE & COMLEX Tutoring Maximize Board Scores

Once into medical school, the studying is only just beginning. Doing well in classes and clerkships is the crux of matching into a great residency program.

Our USMLE and COMLEX tutoring program was built for one-on-one attention to match each student with their goals and achieve them. With huge score increases, we have helped our students raise their USMLE scores on average 35 points.

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Residency Advising The Final Steps

MedSchoolCoach has been with you through every step of the process, and the residency process is one of your final steps to becoming a physician.

With physician advisors who have been residency program directors, we take our knowledge to help you match into the best program for you in the speciality of your choice.

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For every step of the medical school journey

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MedSchoolCoach is the only program that can take you from day 1 of your pre-med journey until you graduate as a practicing physician”

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Doctor Reading the Newspaper

COVID-19 May Bring Record Growth to Med School Competition

Breaking News: Spike in MCAT Registrations Along with Tutoring and Advising by MedSchoolCoach During the COVID-19 Pandemic May Prove the Physician Industry May Be On the Cusp of Tremendous Growth and Competition.

  • May 2020: MedSchoolCoach sees 113% increase in MCAT Tutoring and Admissions Coaching
  • April 2020: MedSchoolCoach sees 74% increase in MCAT Tutoring and Admissions Coaching
  • 463% Increase in MCAT Registration (Opening day of Registration May 7, 2020)
Current Medical School Admissions Candidate: “There will be a very renewed appreciation for public health and that we need to invest in it. Next year, it will be significantly harder with more people applying which as an applicant creates an even larger challenge. You are hopeful med schools will open up the number of spots.” Graduating HS Senior, BS/MD Candidate: “We are facing a shortage of doctors. Medical schools are already competitive, and I believe as a result of this pandemic it is about to get even more difficult to be accepted.” MedSchoolCoach Founder: “It’s a testament to the resulting interest in the medical profession and the future competitiveness of medical school acceptance.” Boston, Mass – June 1, 2020 MedSchoolCoach, one of the nation’s leading medical education companies, is witnessing the impact and inspiration the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the next generation of physicians. During May and April of 2020, the company’s MCAT tutoring and medical school advising services experienced significant growth compared to the same months in 2019. MedSchoolCoach saw a May increase of 113% and an April increase of 74%. MedSchoolCoach growth is parallel to the recent announcement from the Association of American Medical Colleges showing a 463% increase in MCAT registrants on May 7th, 2020, the opening day of summer MCAT registrations versus prior year. MCAT tutoring and medical school advising are early steps on the medical school acceptance journey toward becoming a physician. “For the first time, physicians are rightly being considered heroes in the minds of so many. While the increase in MCAT registrations was directly related to the chaos of testing centers shutting down as a non-essential service, the number of students turning to MedSchoolCoach services during our global pandemic is a testament to the resulting interest in the medical profession and the continued increase in competitiveness of a medical school acceptance. Students at the collegiate, graduate and even as early as the high school level, wanting to become physicians are looking for expertise on securing the coveted spots at medical schools,” said Dr. Sahil Mehta, MedSchoolCoach founder. As the medical profession serves our country in the fight against the global pandemic, the next generation of physicians at all stages of their medical school journey is being inspired. The increased student interest is an early indicator of future competitiveness for medical school acceptance. “9/11 was the last time we came together as a country like this. Everyone rallied together and showed their appreciation for veterans, and the military took it to a new level. Watching COVID-19, the selflessness of the healthcare workers and essential workers on the front line, this whole chapter, has reaffirmed my interest in medicine and my interest in giving back in some fashion as a physician.” Maxwell Everett, Bucknell University, ROTC, currently in the process of securing medical school acceptance. Prospective medical students are not watching from the sidelines during stay at home restrictions. MedSchoolCoach advisors are encouraging students to take advantage of opportunities during COVID-19 to be a part of the solution through volunteering and giving back their time in creative ways to those in need. This will also help increase their extracurricular experiences, which are critical to boost their odds of medical school acceptance. “The opportunity to support a team coordinating PPE for medical professionals in the DC area allows me to be a small apart of the fight against COVID-19. The experience has proven the medical school path is absolutely the right future for me. Helping the medical community is furthering my desire to one day practice medicine,” said Patrick Ryan, Georgetown University, graduate student currently applying to medical schools and volunteer at Medical Supply Drive. “A positive is that society is appreciating the real need for enough physicians and the long team appreciating of public health. More students are applying, if not this cycle, then in the coming cycle. There will be a very renewed appreciation for public health and that we need to invest in it. Next year, med school acceptance will be significantly harder with more people applying which, as an applicant, creates an even larger challenge. You are hopeful med schools will open up the number of spots.” Ryan Chahal, Boston University Graduate Student and candidate for medical school admission. Even at the high school level, students working with MedSchoolCoach prior to the pandemic for entry to prestigious direct medical programs (BS/MD and BA/MD) at the collegiate level, know the path ahead will be challenging. “We are facing a shortage of doctors. Medical schools are already competitive, and I believe as a result of this pandemic, it is about to get even more difficult to be accepted,” said Preaksha Garg, a graduating high school student accepted as a BS/MD student at University of Illinois at Chicago GPPA Medical Scholars Program. “When I see the videos of doctors working with patients, it makes me grateful these doctors are there. I want to be a doctor even more, as we really rely on the doctors to keep people healthy. While very anxious and nerve wracking, this is making me want to become a doctor more. I want to be able to serve people and help people ultimately.”

June 1, 2020
The Med School Journey infographic

The Med School Journey – Definitions to Become a Doctor

Becoming a doctor is a rewarding, but long process. We're here to help you learn the steps to becoming a physician, as well as understand the terms and definitions crucial to succeeding at the pre-med, admissions, and medical school and beyond stages. (more…)

May 29, 2020
Online USMLE Step 2 CS

Virtual USMLE Step 2 CS Exam: How to Pass If It’s Online

Since Step 2 CS has been suspended until at least August 2020, the NBME teased that they are aggressively exploring a digital version of the exam, which would be entirely computer-based and would focus on telehealth encounters. There is understandably a lot of frustration and speculation regarding this teaser but no new clear details as of yet. However, it seems safe to assume that a virtual or digital version of Step 2 CS is around the corner. (more…)

May 22, 2020


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