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College Admissions Consulting Built for Pre-Meds

A unique approach that will help you build a winning application to the best pre-med schools so that you can reach your ultimate goal—becoming a physician.

The Goal Isn't Just Getting into a Great College. It's to Become a Physician.

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At MedSchoolCoach, you will work with a college advisor who knows how to help you craft an application that will stand out amongst the thousands who apply to pre-med programs. More importantly, they know how the choices you make now will impact your chances for medical school.

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Over the past 15 years, we have worked with thousands of high school, pre-med, and medical school students, helping them get acceptances into the schools and programs of their dreams.

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We work comprehensively with our students, refining all aspects of their application until it's ready for submission.

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Your advisor will get to know you personally, enabling them to better help you create an application that accentuates your strengths and provides you with the best chance of getting into an college that is optimal for your goals.

Complete College Application & Pre-Med Support


We know what you need to become a competitive applicant, helping you strategize the best approach to your application by:

  • Developing a plan and schedule to stay on track and reduce stress
  • Checking in regularly to ensure you have completely support
  • Building a customized school list that will identify the best pre-med program for YOU
  • Finding and filling gaps in your resume
  • Identifying sources for letters of recommendation (LORs)


Your chances of acceptance to your dream school comes down to how you frame your journey so far. Our college advisors will work tirelessly with you to:

  • Brainstorm and edit your Common Application essay to capture your personal brand
  • Edit your resume to showcase your accomplishments
  • Make your Common Application activity section stand out
  • Write compelling supplemental essays


Not only will your college advisor use a tailored approach and have extensive pre-med knowledge, MedSchoolCoach can also pair you with a physician advisor to maximize success, providing assistance on:

  • Choosing the right college based on your strengths, weaknesses and eventual goals
  • Planning your pre-med journey, from freshman year to applying to medical school
  • Optimizing your coursework early and often in order to achieve the best possible results
  • Building your personal brand, including your extracurriculars, leadership activities, and clinical work, experiences that will set you up for success for medical school
Package Pricing

Invest in Your Ultimate Goal of Becoming a Physician

Choose your advisor:

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Invest in Your Medical School Future and Boost Your Odds of Getting Accepted.
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Unlimited Advising Access via CHART check check check check
Advisor Video Sessions (until application submission) 1 per month 1 per month 2+ per month 2+ per month
Complete Application Support (for the common app, UC app in California, and coalition app) check check check check
Customized School List check check check check
Personal Branding & Passion Project Guidance X check check check
Personal Statement Editing check check check check
Resume Editing check check check check
Scholarship Essay Editing (merit based) X X Up to 1 Essay Up to 2 Essays
Mock Interview Sessions X 1 session 2 Sessions Unlimited Sessions
Post-Interview Advising X check check check
Supplemental Applications X Up to 3 Schools Up to 5 Schools Up to 10 Schools
Waitlist Letter/Appeal Letter Editing X X check check
Post Acceptance Advising check check check check
Pre-Med Coach Advising 1 Physician Advising Session (Post-Acceptance) 1 Physician Advising Session (Post-Acceptance) 2 Physician Advising Sessions (Post-Acceptance and Pre-Med Planning) 3 Physician Advising Sessions (Post-Acceptance and Pre-Med Planning)
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Invest in Your Medical School Future and Boost Your Odds of Getting Accepted.
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Pre-Med Coach 1 Quarter ($2,500 value) 2 Quarters ($5,000 value) 2 Quarters ($5,000 value) check
Complete Common Application Support check check check check
Supplemental Applications Up to 1 School Up to 5 Schools Up to 10 Schools Up to 20 Schools
Personalized Attention with a College Advisor check check check check
Customized School List check check check check
Personal Statement Editing check check check check
Resume Editing check check check check
Unlimited Advising Access check check check check
Mock Interview Sessions X 3 Sessions 5 Sessions check
Post-Interview Advising check check check Unlimited Sessions

Only 15 pre-med students out of every 100 become a physician. Our approach makes you one of them.

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Meet a College Advisor

Rob has served as Director of Admissions at some of the most highly selective colleges in the country.

MedSchoolCoach has the experience:

15+ years of experience helping students through college and medical school applications

15k+ students helped

99% satisfaction rate

How We Help

We work comprehensively with every student throughout their college application process. Our goal is to help you prepare a great application for college so you can stand out while finding the best pre-med schools for you.

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We learn about you extensively through our intake form and our online portal, CHART. This helps us understand your background, academic accomplishments, goals, and objectives so that we can pair you with the best college advisor for your situation.
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Over the course of the application cycle, your college advisor will guide you on how to optimize your application so that you receive as many acceptances as possible. This includes selecting the Common App prompt that will showcase your skills and qualities best, building a school list that is right for you, enhancing your application through authentic and compelling supplementals, and making sound decisions when it comes time to commit to a pre-med program.
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We want to help you avoid adding time and expense to your journey of becoming a physician. Choosing the right schools will reduce the chance of transfers, gap years, and the need for extra SMPs or post-baccalaureate programs, which will save you thousands of dollars over the years.
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We thoroughly edit your Common App written application materials to ensure you are submitting your best work.
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After you are admitted, your physician advisor will work with you during your freshman year via Pre-Med Coach to plan your courses and extracurriculars so that you can get to the next stage faster and prevent any delays in starting your career. And the advising does not have to end in freshman year. You can continue Pre-Med Coach and have confidence knowing that you are always on the right path to medical school.

Build and Track Your Entire Application

When you work with MedSchoolCoach, you will have access to our amazing advisors and tools to manage the entire application process. This includes our school list selector and CHART, our advising platform.

medical School Application Steps


Messaging with Dr. Anthony Fauci


Complete Medical School Application Support


Since our son's ultimate goal was to become a physician, it was a no-brainer to choose the college consultant that would position him best for that. The team at MedSchoolCoach was amazing.

The Proof is in the Numbers

15 years and over 15,000 students!


future physicians trust us to help them with their applications every year


the chance of acceptance to medical school with our help and choosing the right school


client satisfaction rate over the last ten years

Meet Some of Our Team

Featured Advisor Profiles

Jennifer Wyatt-Speegle, MedSchoolCoach
Jennifer Wyatt-Speegle MA Director of Writing and College Advising

Jennifer has over 15 years of experience working in education, including teaching writing and research courses at UC San Diego, counseling students on college admissions, supporting students in special education, and developing ELA curriculum for StudySync. Currently, she leads the writing advising and college advising teams at MedSchoolCoach.

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Robert Rivas, MedSchoolCoach Tutor
Robert Rivas MA College Advisor

Rob is a college admission counselor with 15 years of experience, starting at Williams College. He has worked at many highly selective colleges and has been a private admission counselor since 2015.

View profile
Laura Baldasare, MedSchoolCoach
Laura Baldasare College Advisor

Equipped with a trusting intuition and grounded by decades of experience working with young adults with unique learning styles, Laura’s individualized approach gets the results clients want: acceptance into the best possible colleges, universities, and programs.

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Nicholas Forcier, MedSchoolCoach Advisor
Nicholas Forcier College Advisor

Nicholas has sat on or managed admissions committees for several highly selective colleges, universities, and boarding and day schools. 

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Derek Rogan, MedSchoolCoach
Derrick Rogan MA College Advisor

Derrick has been in admissions and recruiting for nearly seven years, serving on an array of committees from policy to diversity and inclusion. Derrick specializes in college list creation, essay and personal statement development, and family coaching through the admissions process.

View profile
Rita Bennett, MedSchoolCoach Advisor
Rita Bennett MA College Advisor

Rita served as a member on the admissions committee at several selective universities and brings over 25 years of admissions experience as a college advisor. She is passionate about working with students and helping them achieve their goals.

View profile

Why We Are Different

At MedSchoolCoach, our goal is to not only get you into college, but also medical school. Our singular focus means we understand the process to becoming a doctor inside and out.

An Incredible Team

A great college consultant understands how to put together a fantastic application, reduce stress, and set students up for success.


We have supported thousands of students on their journey to becoming a physician. No one has the expertise and foresight that we do.

Want to Meet More of the Team?

Frequently Asked Questions

There are thousands of college consultants and advisors with great expertise in getting you into the college of your choice. However, our College Advisors are some of the best. They have served as former Deans of Admissions at some of the best universities in the United States. What further sets MedSchoolCoach apart is that our singular focus is helping you achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a physician. Because of this, we take steps that no other counselor or advisor can take by helping you evaluate and best position yourself for your eventual medical school application. Getting into the best college you can is the first step, but choosing the right college, taking the right courses, setting yourself up for success with extracurriculars, and establishing your pre-med brand is what leads to achieving that ultimate goal. The advisors at MedSchoolCoach will walk with you through all those steps and more during your pre-med years.

Yes! If you are looking to attend a BS/MD program rather than a traditional college, we can help with that as well! Please see our BS/MD page for more details.

They can communicate with you via phone, email, and video conference. We also have a comprehensive application management software platform, allowing tracking of every component of the pre-med or BS/MD college application from start to finish and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

We believe in providing comprehensive assistance to our students. We spend the time needed to make sure your application is great.

Yes, we welcome parent involvement and can provide you with “observer“ access to our advising platform. However, we require that students take the initiative and be the point of contact for our advisors.

More Questions

(888) 381-9509

BS/MD Advising Reviews

Not sure what you need? Speak with an enrollment team member.

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